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10-01-05, 02:33 am
I have a brand new bottle of Ivomec that I wanted to offer for sale to CavyCages members before I tried eBay. Is that allowed, and if so, where?


10-01-05, 03:47 pm
You'll find that you will probably need to donate some of the money you get to Teresa at Cavy Spirit if you try to sell it on here - like eBay fees but going towards something worthwhile! You could probably put it under Cavy Chat, but I'd contact Teresa to double check on that.

10-01-05, 08:29 pm
I can ask T about you selling it. If she gives the ok, then I will let you know what section of the forum to put it in.

10-02-05, 05:35 am
Thanks so much! I'd be happy to donate money.:heart:

10-02-05, 03:48 pm
It's okay. Donation not necessary.

10-02-05, 08:45 pm
Thank you. I'll post it in Cavy Chat.