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08-18-14, 07:03 pm
Hello, I am new to this forum and currently do not own any piggy babies, although I have in the past. I am looking at getting new babies and have come here to browse through the amazing cages and the wealth of information you all are so kind to share. I thought I would just say hello and introduce myself so I am not just creeping on your posts :) We will be building a C&C cage soon and getting everything up and running long before any new babies arrive... my daughter and I hope to get two little girls to keep each other company...

08-18-14, 07:07 pm
Welcome to the forum! Thank you for taking the time to do research before you get pigs. Please adopt, don't shop!

08-18-14, 07:08 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum. So glad you are doing your research. Here are a few website's I found very helpful if you haven't already checked them out http://www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm


You've definitely came to the right place. There is an abundance amount of information here. I do hope you decide to join the wonderful world of piggy slavery.

08-18-14, 07:11 pm
Oh yea I have had many piggies in the past and SOOOOO miss the purring and popcorn and just everything about them!!! I do know how to care for them and have had a C&C cage in the past.... Thank you for the warm welcome!

08-18-14, 07:23 pm
I'd adviise not to buy from a pet store. I did, and I wouldn't do it again

08-18-14, 07:37 pm
I am doing research on local rescues in my area and have found one I like.... Once I get everything set up and ready, THEN I will start really deeply looking for a bonded pair. I have seen a few I really like and I do know the site... clean, she does use C&C cages for all her rescues and she is really great in giving information and help... Have spoken to a few people who had adopted already :) I agree not to get from pet store... sad to see what they go through!!!