View Full Version : Fleece Not sure how big to make the liners, I am delaying expanding the cage until after I m

08-18-14, 12:21 pm
So for some reason I think two male guinea pigs that get along amazingly need a 2x6 instead of the 2x4 they are in now. However, I got confirmation from my landlord that I will not be able to renew my lease so I need to move by October preferably sooner. Moving sucks and I do not even want to have to move a single thing more than I have to so expanding the cage and making a stand will not happen until after I move.

I have new fleece to make liners though and I really need more liners. Currently I am using loose fleece, they do not burrow or anything but it is hard to keep clean. Seemed like it would be the most practical to just make liners for a 2x6 and use them in my 2x4 for now, I can fold them under or something.

Last time I made liners I did not do a good job measuring and without the actual cage to measure I am worried about really messing up the size this time. How big should I make them? Would two 2x3's be easier to clean?

I really want to make flippers but I think that is just going to have to wait for now.