View Full Version : Bringing a hint of happiness to a Meijer Pig

10-01-05, 01:26 am
Well I just got home from Meijer and I couldn't resist not taking a peek at the piggies. This was at around 1 am so not many people were around there. The poor boar was maybe 5 months old (which is old at Meijer since all they have a poor babies...) and he was being "marked down" in price. I picked him up and held him (SUCH a sweetheart!) and spoke sweetly to him, and gave him a little piggy massage. I returned him to his teeny tiny aquarium that he shared with 2 other pigs (and a few flies :weepy: ) and watched him do popcorns for a while. It's so sad that just the smallest amount of affection made him sooo happy. I just needed to vent... because I feel like crying :guilty:

The Magic Taco
10-01-05, 02:10 am
That's so sweet! I bet you he would say "I love you!" to you. On behalf of piggies (well, mine) thankyou for being so kind to him!

10-01-05, 12:34 pm
I feel the same way.....I just went to a Meijers yesterday and I feel so bad when I see them but I can't help but to check on them. Sometimes they don't look so great and just sit there. When I was there yesterday I made them open the cages and adjust the water bottles because they had them so low that the ends were almost on the bedding!!! I told the manager that it was the second time in 2 weeks that I had pointed this out! Also last week I picked several up and checked them and 2 were girls and 1 was a boy in together in the same cage!! I showed the girl cause she asked me to show her how I could tell, I then told her she better tell someone and get him out of there asap and that it might already be to late!! UGH!!!

10-01-05, 12:35 pm
It actually hurts my heart when I have to walk away and leave them poor piggies with uneducated people and stupid stores.

Percy's Mom
10-01-05, 12:51 pm
I know what you mean. I went into a store the other day and had to just completely not look. I knew that if I saw the poor little guys, I would end up wanting to buy one, and I'm definitely not buying another piggy at the store.

10-04-05, 06:35 pm
It is in fact very heartbreaking. Last time I went there I bought a GP (I felt bad for him) and he died within 72 hours of me having him in my care and if I didn't Immediatly quarenteen him after the first 24 hours it probably would have spread to Oreo (My other GP) and killed him too. I was very angered with miejer and I think that somebody should do something about it but in our area nobody gives a rats @$$ about the animals as long as Meijer is making money. Next time I go there I will probably just give the Guinea Pigs a little treat stick or some Timothy hay to possibly make their day a little better then being locked in a 16''X6'' aquarium with no ventilation and having to share it with 4 other Guinea pigs with only about 6 plain pellets of food left and the water is gone. Man companies tick me off sometime!:melodrama :grumpy: :mad: