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08-18-14, 12:04 pm
I've been wanting to try out having disposable bedding in the whole cage, instead of my current setup which is fleece flippers with a paper bedding kitchen. My mom doesn't like that fleece bedding leaves hay and fur and grossness in the washing machine, and I don't like having to spot clean all the time and put the fleece flippers together, and hay sticks to fleece, and bedding from the kitchen tracks all over the fleece, and I just don't love it. I've read great things about wood pellets, but I have a few questions:

1. Would I need a layer of something softer on top of the pellets? It seems like they would be pretty uncomfortable.

2. How much of a 40lb bag will it take to fill my cage? I have a standard 2x6 C&C cage.

3. How long can I expect it to last between full bedding changes? Will I have to spot clean a lot?

4. Do you prefer wood pellets or fleece, for odor control, maintenance, and ease of cleaning?

5. Do your piggies seem to prefer wood pellets or fleece, for comfort and ease of movement (it seems like it might be harder to run around on wood pellets than fleece)?

I would appreciate any input or advice!

08-18-14, 12:25 pm
I don't know about wood pellets, but I love kiln-dried pine shavings! I imagine they're not as heavy as wood pellets, and large packages of them from the feed store are very cheap! Odor control is superb, too - I only smell hay :] I spot clean once a day where all the hay and food is. The poop gets "hidden" in the shavings with movement, so it looks clean all the time :3 It's also pretty soft! I'm gunna be honest, I've been spot cleaning daily for a few months now with no deep cleanings. There's no odor, I clean the stains on the sides of the cage as I go, and there hasn't been a lot of staining on the bottom of the cage that I can see while I'm cleaning. So far so good~

As far as preference between the shavings and the fleece, mine don't seem to have a preference. I use fleece during floor time and the popcorn around and whatnot as usual, but they don't seem to care for the difference in flooring quite so much as the change in environment. Hope this helps~

08-18-14, 12:39 pm
1) I put a single layer of thin fleece over the top of the pellets. Not for comfort, because the pigs don't seem to care, but because it's very easy to lift the fleece off and shake the hay and poop off of it. I do throw a couple of small fleece pads in, but they pretty much ignore them.

2) The whole thing. The deeper, the better.

3) Five to six weeks, and you won't have to spot clean if you put the thin layer of fleece down.

4) Pellets, by a wiiiiiiiide margin. The only thing fleece has going for it, as far as I'm concerned, is that it's cute and colorful.

5) They've never said, so I have no idea. They can run equally well on both.

08-18-14, 12:50 pm
Thanks, wood pellets are sounding better and better! One more question- if I put a layer of fleece on top of the pellets, will there be sawdust and stuff stuck to the bottom of the fleece when I go to wash it? One of the reasons I want to switch to bedding is to avoid washing dirty fleece.

08-18-14, 07:58 pm
bpatters, do you have any problems with sawdust, hair, and hay sticking to the fleece?

08-18-14, 08:08 pm
Too bad you don't live closer Piger123. I have a full bag and half of another left of wood pellets. Im glad they weren't expensive and I didn't care for them. They did leave sawdust on the back side of the fleece, I thought it was hard to clean and super heavy and I just did the kitchen area. I know others LOVE them, I went back to uhaul pads and fleece.
Guess its a personal thing and some like them and some don't. Give it a try, its only like 6$ a bag! So not a big loss if you don't like it.

08-18-14, 08:10 pm
I'm going to try them without any fleece on top and see how I like them. They're actually only $5 for a 40lb bag in my area. ;)

08-18-14, 08:18 pm
Nice! Only out 5$ or a new find!! Good luck!

08-18-14, 08:27 pm
I would suggest investing in a rubber brush. It gets pretty much all the hay and hair off fleece. When I use wood pellets I put carefresh or something on top. If you do fleece on top of the pellets I'd take it outside after sweeping and shake/brush more off. I would think fleece flippers would be easy to keep clean. I'd just take one out at a time and sweep them off outside. Wood pellets keep odor down well.

This is the kind of brush I'm thinking of:http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0042B4B3U?cache=ac966401dd6497c2ec85ce8c56c99690&pi=AC_SX110_SY165_QL70&qid=1408415168&sr=8-4#ref=mp_s_a_1_4

08-18-14, 08:27 pm
Stuff does stick to the fleece, but I shake it out, whack it a few times with a fly swatter, then wash it in a zippered small-mesh laundry bag. Nothing gets in the washer.

08-18-14, 08:28 pm
so I am sorry this is like totally off topic but I am trying to post a question but I have no clue how

08-18-14, 08:38 pm
I have used wood pellets in the past and they were quite nice, but I ended up switching back to mostly pine shavings. The wood pellets were a bit heavy and kind of dusty, and just aren't as soft. I also had some problems with pigs trying to eat them. So it does come down to preference. I think the wood pellets control odor best, and it is very easy to see and clean up the pee spots, but they just aren't my favorite. I like them better than fleece+uhaul though.

08-18-14, 09:02 pm
Maybe I've been lucky, but my pigs have never tried to eat the wood pellets. And they're a little dusty when I change the whole cage, but since that's only every 5-6 weeks, it's not a problem.

08-18-14, 10:01 pm
so I am sorry this is like totally off topic but I am trying to post a question but I have no clue how

If your question is about the same subject as this thread just do what you did & ask away. Or click on discussion eg Introduce Yourself. There's a box at top - Post New Thread - click on that & follow through.

pigger123, if you & piggies don't like the pellets on their own maybe you could put suedecloth on top instead of fleece. Hay & stuff doesn't stick to it. I think lissie either uses or has used it, can't remember, but thete's a recent thread about it.

08-19-14, 09:11 am
I have used wood pellets in the whole cage in the past. I can no longer use it because it aggravates my asthma. Now I only use it in a kitchen area. I'm planning to switch the kitchen to suede cloth once I sew enough sets to change out.

08-23-14, 03:09 pm
I got some wood pellets, but I don't know if I got the right kind. They're hardwood, but they have a slight woody scent, and they make the loudest noise any time one of my pigs tries to move around! I don't know why they're so noisy, but it's really not something I want. It's so noisy that the poor piggies are literally afraid to leave their fleece beds. Especially if one of them takes off running, it's incredibly loud. For now I've put down towels over the pellets, but that's of course a very temporary solution since towels just stay soggy.

Also, they're a lot darker than the ones I've seen in photos of cages with them: http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/08/23/f74f965feeded86bb6622c1bd742b777.jpg

Are these not the right wood pellets or something? They're sold as fuel for wood stoves, but they don't seem the same as other wood pellets.

08-23-14, 04:14 pm
Those are the best kind. I wish I could find hardwood ones here. I used to be able to get them, but the supplier switched to a totally wholesale operation and started selling them by the ton.

The pellets will quieten down as they get peed on, and the pigs will get used to the noise. But I put a layer of thin fleece over mine because it makes it much easier to pick it up and shake out the poop and the hay. That also cuts down on the noise.

08-23-14, 04:20 pm
I would have put fleece instead of towels, but unfortunately right now I don't have a big piece of fleece, just flipper cases. I might try getting some of that suede stuff for on top, or maybe even get some wood shavings to put on top of the pellets. I don't really want to put fleece since I don't want to deal with stuff sticking to it. They're definitely better with something on top though, so I don't think I'll be using them by themself.

Other than the noise, I'm liking how absorbent they are and how well they hide poops! I found that one bag was not enough to fill the cage, but 2 bags was a perfect amount. We only bought 2 bags, but they gave us a full third bag for free just because it had a hole in it!