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08-17-14, 10:50 am
Hi everyone

I noticed many people keep the cage on the floor whilst others raise their's high and low. Is there advantages of not raising the cage?

08-17-14, 10:53 am
Honestly I can't think of any. With the cage raised its easier to reach the piggies. Plus you don't have to worry about drafts as much.

08-17-14, 11:00 am
Is there advantages of not raising the cage?

I can think of NONE.....unless your cage is three grids wide. My experience with the UK is that rooms tend to be drafty in the winter and it's better to keep the piggies up off the floor.

A nice middle ground is building a custom grid stand (one grid high) brings them up off the floor and provides space for some nice canvas bins for storage of piggy items. Also, in my experience, the closer to eye level to us, the less intimidated the piggies are. My cage sits alongside my desk and when the kids are in the loft, they are just about at eye level to me

08-17-14, 11:07 am
I have one of each, the girls are on a banquet table above the boys on the floor. I think the raised one is a bit easier to clean except I have to keep going around the table on each side to pull up and out fleece and such during cleaning. Boys on the floor is easy to clean, but harder on the back. As for the pigs, I think the girls who were a little skittish before feel safer up higher and have come out of their shells more. Boys I don't think care either way, lol.

08-17-14, 11:08 am
I keep mine on the ground mainly because I haven't found a table big enough, and it's 3 wide so cleaning is easier. I haven't had any draft issues with them, even in last year's Pittsburgh winter.

08-17-14, 11:09 am
ThePigAlchemist I made my stand out of grids.

08-17-14, 11:11 am
I've thought of doing that, but portability is a big issue for me since I travel with the pigs a lot and need to be able to fit the cage in the car.

08-17-14, 11:34 am
I raise mine because its easier to see and reach them, but also because it kills my back to clean them when they're low or on the floor.

08-17-14, 12:02 pm
My cage is raised. For me, it is easier to clean the cage, reach my piggies and it creates extra room to store their stuff. I also think that my boys feel less threatened off of the floor.

08-17-14, 12:06 pm
I've thought of doing that, but portability is a big issue for me since I travel with the pigs a lot and need to be able to fit the cage in the car.

Why must the pigs travel with you? Sounds as though you need a large cage for home and a smaller cage for travel?

I have a 2x5 with an offset 2x2 loft at home, and when my cavies need to travel with me for any length of time, I put them in their old petstore cage. If it's just a day trip, then I use a carrier or plastic crate in the summer.

08-17-14, 12:26 pm
I'm a student and move up to twice a year. For smaller trips I get a sitter, but leaving them isn't an option. I've never seen any ill effects from them being on the floor, since they are healthy and quite sociable.

08-17-14, 12:38 pm
Sounds as though it works for you. However, let me just make one more suggestion.

I built my cage and stand as two completely separate structures.......and then zip-tied them together. You could easily do this and when it comes time for your trips, just detach the cage from the stand. I not only made the separate stand, but put it on casters so that I can move it for cleaning.

08-17-14, 12:41 pm
That's a possibility. I can certainly look into it. I have tons of spare grids.

08-17-14, 01:10 pm
When I had 3 pigs and a different setup, I used to keep the cage on an extra long twin bed frame. I liked it, but now I have 6 pigs and 3 cages, so I have to keep all of the cages on the floor. I honestly don't mind the cages being on the floor and it's easier for me to clean because I can just step in instead of having to lean across.