View Full Version : First Time GP owner- wish I'd found this site first

08-17-14, 12:11 am
I purchased Shady and Shorty about 3 weeks ago. A few days later I found this site. And it was a few days too late. So for now they are in their pet store cage. My 2x4 C&C cage will be here Tuesday thank goodness!! After 2 days of Aspen bedding I quickly realized that wasn't going to work for me and switched to fleece.

I've seen some on here say that fleece wouldn't work in such a small space but it has been amazing for me. I use towels underneath and switch fleece about every 3-4 days while spot cleaning poop twice a day. I'm picking up some uhaul pads tomorrow so I will have them ready for Tuesday. I found them on lie for 7.95 but I called a store today and they told me they sell a dozen for $10!?! I'm hoping that's not too good to be true. She said they were 68x85 and not the big quilt ones.

Anyways I'm glad to have found this site and hope to learn lots from everyone and share any useful info I come across.

08-17-14, 12:23 am
Welcome to the forum! Better late than never! :D I'm glad you're already in the process of providing your guineas an upgrade! They'll be so happy~ Post pictures of them when you have the chance! :]

08-17-14, 12:34 am
Thanks kanojochan! As soon as I figure it out I will.

08-17-14, 01:23 am
Well there's a pic of Shady, not sure why it's upside down though.

08-17-14, 02:11 am
Hi and welcome to the forum!

08-17-14, 10:41 am
Hi and welcome to the forum