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08-13-14, 03:36 pm
I'd like to share a story about the Bell Pepper Bed I recently bought for my pigs. Before I begin, this is in no way a negative comment about the product. It's more about my failure to remember. My two newest pigs sleep in the Cavy Cottage that I purchased from The Cozy Cavy. A few weeks ago I purchased the Lettuce Leaf from the Fleece Store. Ginger sort of took over the leaf, so I decided that Teddi should have one too. Since I didn't necessarily want two the the same item I decided to buy one green and one yellow Bell Pepper Bed. These beds are so well made and my pigs just love them. They look exactly like a bell pepper complete with a long brown tail that represents the pepper stem. They really are cute. Since my pigs enjoy them so much I thought I would put the Green Pepper, along with the Lettuce Leaf, in the Cavy Cottage for them to sleep on each night.

Here's where I forget. Every morning I lift up their cottage to clean and I see that long brown tail and it just startles me. It just looks like a small brown animal lying there. I feel so dumb because I know what the pepper looks like. I'm even contemplating cutting off the stem but I hate to ruin the look. I swear every morning my heart skips a beat when I lift up the cottage. Since I have a small brown rat, the first morning I saw it, I thought she got into my pig's cage. Seeing that definitely woke me up fast.

Maybe I should buy another Lettuce Leaf and just keep the peppers out in the open so that tail doesn't scare me. :ohmy:

Have you ever been startled when you looked into your pig's cages?

08-13-14, 04:40 pm
Yes. There was this one time I had in this little hedge hog about the size of my guinea pig in the cage. I had set it on top of one of the igloos forgetting that she likes to flip her house. Later that day I went to check on her a see something laying face down on the fleece I freak out and bolted to the cage thinking she was dead and but all I found was a piggy sleeping in her snuggle sack and a brown hedge hog lying face down on the fleece. Filled with relief I assumed that the Maple had bumped her hidey trying to flip it over but in stead the hedge hog fell over. After that I took the hedge hog out of the cage.

08-13-14, 08:40 pm
I think you should keep the pepper bed out of the hidey, that way you'll see the whole thing and not just the "tail".

08-14-14, 10:00 am
guineapigcraz27 seeing that hedge hog laying face down on the fleece would definitely scare me. That's worse than seeing the "tail".
Rywen I think you are right about keeping the pepper bed out in the open. The Lettuce Leaf has never scared me. Lol.

08-14-14, 03:36 pm
@guineapigcraz27 (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=31790) seeing that hedge hog laying face down on the fleece would definitely scare me. That's worse than seeing the "tail".
@Rywen (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=30078) I think you are right about keeping the pepper bed out in the open. The Lettuce Leaf has never scared me. Lol.

It really did give me a scare! Good I wasn't giving her veggies I probably would have dropped the plate on my foot in fright.

08-14-14, 05:49 pm
I have the 3 different lettuce pillows, the carrot, and the yellow and purple bell pepper. Mooshy loves it. It's like ergonomic. She finds the most comfortable position over the "bumps" and lays on it. There's always 1 in there, color depends on the fleece pattern of course, it all has to coordinate nicely or match! The carrot one is in my avatar. There's my love either spying on me or sleeping.

08-14-14, 06:47 pm
I sounds like these lettuce and bell pepper beds are a big hit. Perhaps I should buy one.

08-14-14, 06:59 pm
I think the 10% off all items in the stores is good through the end of August so apply that code if you decide to buy one.

08-14-14, 07:20 pm
I gave my girls some cherry tomatoes and when I saw red on the fleece a couple hours later I panicked and thought it was blood. I started checking my pigs to see who was bleeding and why. After everyone got a clean bill of health I realized it was from the tomatoes lol

08-14-14, 07:45 pm
Hermes had a phase for a while when he love napping under the ramp, usually with the bottom of the ramp resting on top of his neck. I almost had a heart attack the first time--it looked like he was decapitated! Thank goddess he got over that phase after a month.

08-14-14, 07:46 pm
I've also had that tomato scare. That red color on the fleece can be definitely alarming at first glance.