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08-08-14, 02:02 pm
Im getting another guinea soon and I need a bigger cage. The one I have right now is perfect for my little Alfie. I know that C&C cages are the best, but where can I find them for cheap other than the guineapigcages store? Since I do have to pay for this myself, I'm looking for around $60-$100 cages. Any advice?

08-08-14, 02:06 pm
You can build a basic one-level cage without a stand for $30-$50, depending on how much coroplast costs in your area. A box of grids is typically $20 for 16-23 grids, and a 4'x8' sheet of coroplast can range from $10-$30. Grids can be purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond, Sears, Kmart, or Walmart. You can get coroplast from a sign store.

08-08-14, 02:06 pm
You can make one yourself for way less. The coroplast can be found at any sign shop. Just give them your measurements. And the grids can be found online, Kmart, Wal-Mart or bed bath and beyond. Just make sure the grids are 9x9 squares down and across. Here's where it shows how to make one: www.guineapigcages.com/howto/

08-08-14, 02:08 pm
Making a cage yourself is the cheapest option. You can buy grids online or at kmart/sears and bed bath and beyond. Coroplast can be found at sign shops and home depot and I think Lowe's have it as well. You should be able to make a large cage for between $60-100 or less if you shop around.

08-08-14, 02:09 pm
I built my 2x4 with 2x2 loft and stand for around $65.

08-08-14, 02:10 pm
I made my 2x4 (plus storage underneath) for $80. The grids were $20 a pack (I needed 3) at HomeDepot, and the coroplast was $20 at a sign shop. Home depot has coroplast as well, but only in white.

08-08-14, 05:44 pm
I bought 2 sets of grids for about $30 each, and the coroplast was $15 or $20... can't remember anymore. I have an elevated 2x6 with that.

08-08-14, 05:49 pm
Look on craigslist for cheap grids or check out goodwill stores if you have them in your area. If you have freecycle in your area, place an ad. Yesterday, I found 14 grids for $1.99 at goodwill.

08-08-14, 06:18 pm