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08-08-14, 12:23 am
So today I decided that I wanted to expand my 2x4 (which is just housing Frodo ATM) to a 2x5 with a corner kitchen. It took a long time and a lot of veggie/water/cuddle breaks but Frodes and I managed it!

Here is the old cage vs the new bigger one! Old cage is the picture with my little white Himi in it...not sure if they'll post in order or not! Lol

08-08-14, 12:24 am
Woops! Backwards order haha

08-08-14, 03:19 am
This was the cage I made my boys before I brought them home in March.
Although there were a few small tweaks to the first cage, this was the more major rebuild:
They are basically still in the same cage, but I've continue to make some tweaks. They have a larger hay rack in the middle, the small ramps to the second levels are gone since they just jump up anyway (and those ramps became tunnels that they love to run through and hide in. Chewie does zoomies through them, and all over the open floorspace that getting rid of the ramps freed up), and instead of hidey-huts, they have their "fleece forrest" sexy lounges, as demonstrated below:

08-08-14, 04:39 am
looking good! I like the idea of a corner kitchen :)

08-08-14, 07:51 am
HOLY MOLY that is freakin' awesome. I love that there are triple levels. Some day I want to have my cage on more than just one level, but with Frodo's legs it just isn't feasible. Even the fleece is a lot for him to take on. Also loooovin' your sassy girls in their fleece forests/lounges. I need to add more to my fleece forest but I had just built it last night-Frode's seems to enjoy it. What breed is your brown and white girl if you dont mind me asking? Her fur is toward her face?
@cheyenneee (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=32259) Thank you so much! I was tired of the kitchen taking up so much room, but I didn't want to lose it. I thought my boyfriend was going to kill me for making the cage bigger in our tiny condo hahaha but he was happy.

It's also been very lonely for Frodo the past few weeks without Moogle so I thought maybe a change would perk him up a bit.

08-08-14, 09:48 am
trenbeau my brown and white (and admittedly sassy) boy is, I have been told, an abbyruvian (somewhere between abbysian and Peruvian) and among the funny things his hair does, he definitely has what I refer to as his "unicorn horn"--that pointy tuft on his snout. .

08-08-14, 10:18 am
Haha sorry! I should have read the previous post more carefully and realized he was a boy! I love his unicorn horn (unihorn? Lol). Anyway, I hope in the future I come across an abbyruvian!