View Full Version : Should I adopt a guinea pig or hamster?

08-02-14, 03:40 pm
I had a love for animals since I was a kid but never had the opportunity to look after my own pet. Now, I'd like to share my life with a cute little friend, either a hamster or a guinea pig. I did some research and found thatthe only difference I found between the two is guinea pigs live a lot longer. I think people here have a lot more to tell me that could make me clear on this. I am especially concerned about how our little friends can react to travelling. I am not moving anywhere right now but my job can require me to move abroad just anytime. Thanks in advance for the advice.

08-02-14, 03:44 pm
I know traveling constantly is stressful for guinea pigs but you'll probably not be moving them everyday. Also hamsters are nocturnal and guinea pigs aren't. So you have to consider do you want to listen to them at night. I would also think guinea pigs are more work than hamsters. You could check out hamster hideout for more hamster info. Also for guinea pigs you don't want a wheel or ball like you would for a hamster.

08-02-14, 03:52 pm
Guinea pig's are significantly more work than hamsters. They also require much more space than a hamster does. Food for pigs is also more expensive.

A big thing to note too is that with guinea pig's, you should have at least 2. Guinea's are extremely social and do MUCH better with a friend. Meanwhile most hamsters are singular animals.

08-02-14, 03:57 pm
You also have to consider how much time you can dedicate. How much room you have because guinea pigs need more room. Can you afford vet bills if anything should happen.

08-02-14, 04:05 pm
Guinea pigs are very different from hamsters. They need much, much larger cages, a more complicated and expensive diet, another piggy friend, a lot of time to dedicate to cleaning their cage, taking care of them, floor time for an hour every day, cuddles, and they can live for up to 9 years. Traveling frequently can be very stressful for guinea pigs.

08-02-14, 04:14 pm
If you think you'll be moving abroad, I wouldn't get a guinea pig. International flights for them can be found, but there are tons of restrictions, including no flights in hot weather, and they're expensive. And that doesn't even consider the stress on the pigs themselves.

08-02-14, 04:36 pm
In my opinion, I wouldn't commit to an animal if I knew there would be flying on a semi-regular (or at least, guaranteed) basis, because animals are stressed out by travel, let alone the quarantine they have to go through to be allowed to travel, and once an animal is in a new location (even if their cage is the same, the location isn't) it takes time to adjust, then relax, then fully feel at home, at which point you could be about to have to pick up and move again.

08-02-14, 04:56 pm
Maybe see if you can help foster, if someone will provide you with the cage. I wouldn't get a pig either if there was a possibility of travelling overseas either.

08-02-14, 05:24 pm
if you are traveling a lot, i would definitely get a pet hamster if you can leave it with a friend when you go away. guineas pigs are a lot of work and cost a lot of money (pellets, veggies, timothy hay, cage setup, vet bills, bedding, etc.). they also take a lot of time and you need to be there everyday for them. also, i would check into the airlines you plan to travel with, because some of them will not fly exotic pets. i have had both guinea pigs and hamster. i love my guinea pigs the best, but they are at least twenty times the work and cost. it's great that you're checking into everything first, and good luck :)