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08-02-14, 01:09 pm
I have successfully clipped Rosie's nails once and it wasn't too hard. I really need to clip raquis but she will not stand or sit still and if I try to hold her she is still squirming and nipping. Is there anyway to calm her down? Food won't even work! Can you use rescue remedy on guinea pigs? I need something to get her to be still and relaxed..also I cannot bring her to a vet because it is too expensive, $90!!

08-02-14, 01:11 pm
My vet only charges $10 to clip my boys nails.

08-02-14, 01:14 pm
The vet is $40 just to bring them in and $25 per pig for nails

08-02-14, 01:17 pm
I've never seen anything like that. Maybe try bundling her up in a towel. You may need someone else to hold her sometimes nail clippings is a 2 person job :).

08-02-14, 03:35 pm
Yeah, I would bundle her up. When I do that I can even clip my more difficult cat's nails.

08-02-14, 03:43 pm
Someone could hold her in the position where you put one hand under their butt and the other hand goes under their armpits while you hold one leg with your bad hand and with your good hand clip the nails.

08-02-14, 09:52 pm
One of my piggie also nips during nail clipping and the veggie bribes no longer work. I don’t have a second person to help, so I wear a thick hoodie pulled over my hands to protect my skin and only clips a few nails at a time.

08-03-14, 03:25 pm
Try calling different vet locations to see if they'll trim the nails without charging for an office visit. The vets I work with don't charge for an office visit if all the client wants is a nail trim. The trim itself is around $15.

08-03-14, 04:07 pm
I wrap my biter/wriggler up in a towel nice and secure, the more they wriggle the more stressed they get, so in turn, more wriggling again. I push the towel in to a shape were I can put a little bit of carrot by her face, and she chomps away while I use my arm to support her, and have both hands free to clip.

08-03-14, 09:59 pm
I use carrots as bribery... My daughter feeds as I clip...works like a charm. Having had the experience clipping cat nails for so many years makes it easier too.