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07-31-14, 09:02 pm
Ok, so I've had my boy piggies for a month now - my Abby is 1 1/2 and is pretty dominant and my short hair is 10 mos as is very chipper and playful - they are in a blah! pet store cage together and just put together my C&C cage today, but need one more sheet of coroplast, so its not finished - my Abby continues to bully a little so it was suggested I do a 2X5 or even a 2x6, so I did a 2x6 and man is it ginormous! I've seen on here like four pigs in a 2x6 - is this too much room for them???

07-31-14, 09:05 pm
No such thing as too much room! They will love the extra space to run and it should help with the aggression.

07-31-14, 09:15 pm
Four pigs in a 2x6 is the absolute bare minimum for four, and will likely only work with pigs that are bonded. Since your pigs have had some dominance issues, a 2x6 will likely do them well.

07-31-14, 10:14 pm
I recently expanded my cage to 2X6. My two boys love it and use the full cage space daily running laps.

08-05-14, 01:07 pm
You can never have enough room. The only reason why a cage might be smaller is because the piggy owner may want to use expensive bedding like carefresh or maybe they simply don't have the room. I've see some piggy owners downsize or rearrange the shape after a while this may be due to space or time cleaning. Piggys love space and if you can do it then keep it but if you feel you are more motivated to consistently clean a slightly smaller but still good size cage then maybe try both for a while. Eventually you'll know what's right for you and the piggys. At least if it's too big you can downsize easily but if its too small its harder to source and pay for materials all over again.

08-05-14, 01:52 pm
Another reason for a smaller cage is quarantine/hospital use. A pig recovering from surgery needs to be put in a small space so they haven't got so much area to do zoomies or popcorn, which could pull stitches out or further injure themselves.

I know what you mean though - when I built my 2X4, despite the fact it wasn't a whole lot bigger than the pet store cage they were already in (only about 6 inches each way), it looked huge. When the "furniture" and pigs were in it, it looked tiny! I could build them a 4x7 and still want to expand I think lol

08-05-14, 01:56 pm
I have a 2x8 for my three girls, and I feel it's the bare minimum for them. You'll get used to it quickly & you may even expand in a few months. ;)