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07-30-14, 09:20 am
Well, my name is Hannah. I have one male guinea pig, Chico. He's two months old. However, I'm planning to get another male to get him company. I have had lots of experience with hamsters, but this is my first cavy. Sadly, I got him from a pet store, but it was either that, or no piggies.

While I'm on here, I'd like to ask something. My Chico won't eat his veggies. We've tried yellow bell peppers, carrots, romaine hearts, thyme, parsely, and even nectarines. Nothing. Any tips to help us? I'm worried he's not getting enough Vitamin C!

07-30-14, 09:27 am
He's probably never even sniffed a veggie before having come from a pet store. Mince some up really small (picture a pencil eraser in 12 pieces) and mix them with his pellets. Only do this with one veg at a time, and don't expect it to work right away. You may need to keep at it with the same vegetable for over a week. You can also try tiny match stick slivers.

I know a lot of people think that a pet store is there only option, but it's really not. Think about it, where there's a pet store, there's also irresponsible owners trying to "get rid" of pigs they got from the store, and parents trying to offload the pigs their young children swore they'd take care of. You can look on CL, petfinder.com, guineapigzone, and look in animal shelters. Trust me, there's other guinea pigs that aren't in a pet store.

07-30-14, 09:27 am
Hello! It is normal for a guinea pig to not eat the fist couple days you get him. For now I wouldn't feed any veggies until a couple days have past and then slowly introduce veggies. Since he was from a petstore he probably never had veggies so if you give him a lot at the start he might get an upset tummy from eating all these foods that are new to him. Also keep hay and water close to his hidey that way he won't be to scared to grab a quick drink. If its been more that 5ish days then I would take him to the vet because any time a guinea pig stops eating ( other than you first got him) is not good.

Hope I could help and show some pigtures!