View Full Version : Bedding Yesterday's News- Original vs Softer?

07-28-14, 07:42 pm
I am currently using the Yesterday's News unscented original litter in my girls' kitchen. It works great, especially compared to the wood shavings they started with in there that just made a mess. I was ordering another bag a few days ago and noticed that the same company also sells a "Softer texture" unscented version. I'm wondering if anyone has tried that version and can recommend it as better than the original? Like, does it absorb as well, does it keep the stink away, does it actually feel softer?? I don't want to waste the money on a bag when I know the stuff I use works, but I don't want to miss the chance to use something better. Any opinions?

08-01-14, 08:48 am
Does anyone at all use the softer texture??

08-01-14, 09:08 am
I don't use it, but maybe you can buy a smaller bag of it to try.

08-01-14, 10:41 am
I just use the original yesterday's news paper pellets. I love it when it gets pottied on it turns to like a dust. Then I just scoop out what's been soiled.