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07-28-14, 01:30 pm
I have been feeding sps food for my guinea pigs and rabbits but got caught up in a money problem and had to take my rabbits off of the pellets and switch to kaytee. :( trust me i am very upset with this decision but right now both the guinea pigs and rabbits need more pellets and i cant afford 70$ in pellets at once. I would like to know another good rabbit brand that will hold my bunnies over for a few more months maybe even permanently. I would like to get them back to sps but i need to evaluate my budget and how often they need new pellets so it doesnt end up on the same month. Thanks Hallie

P.S if that was confusing my main question is what are good rabbit foods preferably able to buy in a petstore.

07-28-14, 03:29 pm
Oxbow Essentials makes food specifically for either juveniles or adults. Petsmart carries Oxbow, but Petco does not.
Other people like Sherwood Natural Rabbit Food which is only available online.

Here is a chart that compares some major rabbit food brands. I believe it is a chart from the UK so it doesn't include some of the brands in the US.
http://www.therabbithouse.com/diet/rabbit-food-comparison.asp (http://www.therabbithouse.com/diet/rabbit-food-comparison.asp)

What age are your rabbits? If they are over 6 months, are you limiting the amount of their pellets? Not only is that recommended but it also saves on costs.
My rabbits have unlimited hay and 2-4 cups of greens daily. So the 2 rabbits share 1/4 cup of pellets per day. Pellets last a long time that way.

09-28-14, 09:20 am
I haven't been on the forums in quite some time. Since then I've been researching rabbit diet. If you want a great quality, cheap feed to feed rabbits, possible gps, look up fodder. It is like a grass you grow, in pans. You water it every day twice a day and on the 7th day you can harvest it. Since switching my rabbits look so much better. They beg for it. There are many things you could sprout. You could feed fodder, BOSS ( great to feed in the winter to keep them water, it's black oiled sunflower seeds it's bird feed) hay, then veggies.

09-28-14, 09:32 am
Rabbit_Lover, People feed BOSS to rabbits? The hulls don't get stuck in their teeth or cause abrasions in the mouth or throat?

Piggielover200, definitely ration the pellets. The less pellets the more hay they will eat. I assume you have a good quality hay? Have you compared prices of the SPS with KMS Hayloft? www.kmshayloft.com has very high quality pellets, for rabbits, guinea pigs, or chinchillas.

Some vets advise going pellet-less with guinea pigs. I imagine you could do a pellet-less diet with rabbits, too.

10-05-14, 11:23 am
Yes they do, I feed it to mine. It makes there coats shiny, and in the colder months of the winter it keeps them warm. Not to much tho, they will literally beg for BOSS when they see me with the jar of it, in the summer I only give 2-5 a day. In the winter at least 1 TSPB

you can do a pellet less diet. There is a book about it, I don't know what it's called. You will need to feed fodder, hay, boss, veggies, small amount of fruit, and a variety of foraging things. And a mineral block.