View Full Version : Just a piece of fleece

09-29-05, 10:27 am
I haven't gotten a cozy for my Nismo yet, but I wanted him to have a nice warm place to relax in. So I just got a big piece of fleece, kinda balled it up a little and put it in one corner of his cage, he loves it! He burrows under it, or goes in between it, he likes to hid in there and nap, lol, who woulda thought just a piece of crumpled up fleece would be so fun :D

09-29-05, 12:47 pm
I just got back from Wal-Mart and for $5.00 I will be able to make the girls two cozy sacks and two cozy huts. Well now that is if my talent holds up!! School starts back Monday so I figured it was now or nothing for the next 11 weeks! When they are finished I will post pics.

Take a pic of your pig in his blanky if you can!