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Karas pigs
07-06-01, 09:54 pm
Teresa, I know you have a great method for cleaning water bottles quickly and efficiently!! Would you post it for everyone... it sure has saved me time and the bottles sparkle!

Also, I found a way to quickly clean the sipper tube. I use a baby bottle NIPPLE brush. If you bend it slightly, it fits in both ends of the sipper tube and does a great job! I just toss it in the dishwasher once a week to keep it clean.

Kara and the hay munchers!

Fozzie and Elmo
07-11-01, 07:11 pm
Oo... baby bottle brushes are wonderful!

I found a bottle brish that has a large and and a small end, and I can clean the bottle and the sipper with one tool. Good stuff. :)

07-11-01, 11:24 pm
Okay, this is a little hard to explain.

First, I should explain I have anywhere from 25-35 bottles to clean regularly. Second, virtually every bottle that I have looks as good as the day I bought it. Right, Kara?

Number 1 Rule: Never, ever "fill" a water bottle. Not ever.

Every time a water bottle is removed to be refilled, it is ALWAYS emptied and cleaned using the following technique. My method does not use bottle brushes or cleaners or anything. (I don't have the time.)

1. Unscrew the top. When emptying out any water from the bottle, shake it out.

2. Remove the rubber washer. Rinse it off under cold water rubbing it between thumb and forefinger until it feels squeaky clean. This can slime up quickly.

3. With the cold water running fairly hard, run the sipper tube under the water (without the washer), shaking it hard (make the metal ball clang a lot). Repeat that from the other end of the sipper tube (cap end), shaking hard with running water.

4. Fill the bottle with water and shake out once or twice.

5. Run your index or pinky finger around the inside of the top end of the bottle, making sure it's squeaky clean.

6. Fill, shake, rinse out two or three more times.

7. Replace rubber stopper in cap. Maybe shake it out once more for good measure.

8. Fill the bottle, replace the cap. Done.

I don't know if I explained it very well. It sounds a bit complicated, but it's not. I always make a water mess, but hey, it wipes up. No bottle brushes needed. Quite frankly, I don't have time to mess with them. This works. It's worked for well over a hundred pigs. My bottles are clean and look great.

The only bottles I have that are cruddy looking are those that come in from private surrenders (yuk!). Also, I much prefer the clear plastic bottles to the opaque ones, just for water line visibility. But, I like the design of the Lixit. On the Lixit bottles, I do not remove the thin rubber ring.

On average, our bottles are cleaned and refilled about every 3 days. Your PET should have cleaned, fresh water every day. Some of our pigs have cleaned and refilled bottles every day or every other day, depending.

When I get the occasional volunteer to help with cages. They get water bottle duty to start. Once in a while, I'll clean the bottles with a 1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar solution.

Karas pigs
07-12-01, 10:09 pm
Teresa's bottles look great... and she has A LOT of them!!! I use this technique too and it's working well. Since I have the time, I do clean the sipper tube with the nipple brush! My girls like the opaque bottle and ignore the clear one... go figure!! Anyway, I keep it in there in case one day they need it!

07-12-01, 11:22 pm
Yes, my only problem with the opaque bottle is that it is too easy for the 'not so vigilant' cavy slaves not to notice that a bottle is empty or almost empty.

Oh yes, that's the other thing, I always have two water bottles per cage. Fail safe backup.

01-30-02, 02:57 pm
I am not sure what you mean about "never 'fill' a water bottle." Do you mean, never fill it up to the very top, as in full? Or do you mean, never just top up the old water? Could you clarify, please, and tell me why you never fill the bottle, if it is the former?

I ask because I have a bottle that only leaks if it is partially full, but when completely filled, as the instructions say to do, it doesn't drip.


01-30-02, 04:53 pm
I meant never "JUST FILL" a water bottle or never just top off. ALWAYS clean it out (rinse really well) - completely empty existing water bottle and go through the rinse process I outlined above. Don't just add new water to old water and put it back on the cage.

Hope that clarifies. :)