View Full Version : Any reason coroplast wouldn't work in MW?

07-20-14, 10:12 pm
I ordered a Midwest habitat plus before I found this site/forum and now I really want to use a coroplast base in it. Is there any reason it can't just be put inside the canvas base?
Has anyone done it? What are the inside dimensions? (I'm still waiting for my cage to arrive)

07-20-14, 10:18 pm
You can remove the canvas bottom and use coroplast instead, the cages store on here actually sells coro bases for midwest cages. You can look on the cages store for dimensions, they have the coroplast dimensions listed for everything. However, if you're going to use coroplast anyway, you might as well just build a C&C cage, in my opinion. That way you can make it much bigger, and it's more flexible and easily expandable. But since you already have the midwest, you can certainly put a coroplast base instead of the canvas.

07-20-14, 10:20 pm
I'm wondering if I can just return the Midwest :/ I ordered it through Amazon.. shipping notice said ETA Tuesday

07-20-14, 10:31 pm
You can actually remove the canvas bottom and just use the cage part. All you need to do is measure the inside so the coro will fit inside just like you do with the grids. Alot I of people don't like the canvas bottom so they use coroplast instead. If you want to use the Midwest then I would just take away the canvas.

07-20-14, 10:33 pm
Hmm.. only problem is the more I see C&C, the more I dislike the Midwest. What to do...

07-20-14, 10:38 pm
Well you can wait till it arrives then return it. I buy almost everything from Amazon. Or you can keep it and use it for either a playpen, a quarantine cage or a cage for when your cleaning their other cage like a temporary housing area. At least then you wouldn't have waisted your money. Or some people attach them to their c&c cages. Like a upper level or something.

07-21-14, 09:00 am
It'll make the cage too small. And besides, the MWC's have a (supposedly) waterproof base.

07-21-14, 09:34 am
I'd return it. That's what I did.