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07-17-14, 09:09 pm
Hello I'm new to this all this even the app lol, well we just got a new family member name Timon he is our guinea pig his been home for 3 days already taking him to the vet and he is doing just fine 😊 any tips advice for this new momma jiji his our lil baby... Tiahttp://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/07/18/uzeqerub.jpghttp://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/07/18/uqema8a4.jpg

07-17-14, 09:12 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum.

07-17-14, 09:13 pm
Thank you [emoji4]

07-17-14, 09:43 pm
Hello and welcome to the forum, he's a very cute piggie!

07-17-14, 09:51 pm
Hi :) I'm new too! Just got my baby Tuesday and had her at the vet today! Your pig is adorable :) welcome to the forum

07-17-14, 10:07 pm
Thanks! [emoji194][emoji4]

07-19-14, 10:50 pm
Welcome & Your piggy is cute:o

I'm new too & so far I enjoy reading all of the new forums.
This website also has great information about guinea pigs.
It's like a 411 on themlol

07-20-14, 03:15 am
Hello and welcome! Timon (great name) is so cute! He looks really big too, how old is he?

08-06-14, 02:53 pm

Timon develop ringworm sadly, his on his 5th day of treatment as we is showing sign of getting better, I have notice a weird sound when I pet him, could it be because of the medication? Since it is close to his nose? Either way he was vet appt tomorrow, will find out till then...

08-06-14, 03:16 pm
does it sound like a purr? If so nothing to be afraid of all piggies purr when there are happy or relax mine does it all the time when I pet her.

08-06-14, 03:25 pm
No sadly it's no a purr, cause I've herd him purr before, it's just the sound he regally makes but with a weird sound I can't describe it...like if he had a cold or something like that....:(

08-08-14, 07:04 pm
Update on my piggys ringworm as you can se it looks much better! It's been day 6...but should I continue a week more? Or that's enough?

It's after and then before....


One more q? Can piggys get the flue or cold from humans?

08-08-14, 08:23 pm
It does look a lot better. I'd still keep treating him for the ringworm. Piggies don't catch colds but I think someone did post they can get the flu. I know they can catch bacterial infections from us.