View Full Version : Cage Building my 1st C&C cage

07-17-14, 11:33 am
Where do you buy the black grate things to build the cage? What else will I need? I currently have 1 baby pig and will be getting another in the near future

07-17-14, 11:36 am
Those are grids you can find them online or at bed bath and beyond, Wal-Mart or Kmart. Make sure the grids are 9x9 squares down and across.

Then you will need coroplast found at any sign shop. Or home depot sells it to.

For two females a 2x4 would be good. When I say 2x4 its not a measurement its how many grids. The grids are connectable storage grid cubes.

07-17-14, 11:39 am
These are the ones I have.