View Full Version : Piggie chews on everything!!

J Lam
04-06-02, 01:22 pm
My piggie chews on anything and eveything. I want to put things in his cage like a sock stuffed with hay or paper bags of the cozy hideaways, is it safe if I do knowing that he chews on everything?

04-09-02, 01:27 pm
Your piggie should be ok with chewing on anything paper, cardboard, and untreated wood. I'm not so sure about the sock. I would think its ok but you may want to check with Teresa or somebody else. My three piggies only get toys that are ether paper cardboard or untreated woods because I dont trust them with a sock or something like that. hope that helps!!

05-02-02, 12:04 pm
Well, mine also chews on everything and it likes specially threads - it likes to chew old pullovers / sweaters/ jumpers/ , but I always watch it and sometimes paly with it . I think you should never leave it chew textile materials unwatched.

05-02-02, 09:32 pm
Make sure you have a LOT of timothy hay available. They should be chewing on that the most. :)

06-02-02, 10:39 pm
my guinea pig likes to chew on everything too, including my homework lol, wouldn't that be a new spin on the old excuse "why is your homework all wrecked?" "well sir, my guinea pig ate it..." lol...but man, he'll grab it with his teeth and try to pull it under my bed(which I'm sure he KNOWS I can't get to, grr), and he'll do the same thing with anything I leave on the floor! A cable crimper, my binder, my shoe(Captain, my guinea pig, proved to be no match for the awesome power of the shoe though). I think it's kinda funny though, I see him dragging my binder bit by bit accross the floor and say to him "Captain, what are you doing? That's not your homework!" and I swear he knows what I'm talking about lol

07-31-02, 11:44 pm
me too! one day i came home to find TWO of my..umm.. "undergarments" in her cage all chewed up! thank god she was fine but she litterally pulled the whole thing through that small hole!!! what annoys me is that she chews on the bars of her cage. not because she wants out though, cause i open the door on it and she stays in it and chews more!!! she likes to make noise, she jerks on the water bottle too... even when its full! it cracks me up..unless its 3am !!