View Full Version : Cage Traveling, need to buy portable cage they can stay in for the weekend

07-15-14, 09:22 am
I will be traveling for 5 days over next weekend and am bringing my pigs to a pet sitter in my neighborhood. We do not feel comfortable having the pet sitter come into our home while we are away so we will be boarding them at her place.

I need to buy a cage for them to stay in. I have a C&C cage at home but there is no way I can take that with me (as much as I'd love for them to have the space!)

The pet store cages are so small with their "large" ones being only 28" x 15" x 17" >( Would they be ok in there for a weekend? I feel so bad as it seems way to small even for a short time I don't want them to be upset.

Any suggestions for other cages I could get that are a tiny but bigger but portable? I would also like for it to have a top. It also needs to be easily folded up as I live in a small apt. and will barely use it.

Also thinking of getting care fresh since I use fleece at home I'm not familiar with it at all but think it will be easier for them, do you know how much I will need for 5 days? And how often should it be changed? Daily?

Thanks in advance!!!!

07-15-14, 09:31 am
Some people use large dog cages for temporary homes. They're usually big enough for a few days, fold up completely, and are comparable in price to regular pet cages that are much smaller. You can zip-tie cardboard around the outside edges to keep them from escaping.

07-15-14, 10:20 am
I would take some cubes out of the corner of your current cage so you can set it up with fleece and towels for temporary underbedding in the new place. that way you won't have to buy anything and you already have the materials. since cubes come easily apart that seems like the easiest thing i would do. :) or maybe connect 4 of them to your petstore cage

07-15-14, 10:20 am
You can usually keep Carefresh for a week with a couple spot cleans. But, depending on how many pigs you have it may not last as long. I would buy a large bag, to ensure there is enough to do some partial changes if necessary.

07-15-14, 12:23 pm
Midwest guinea pig habitat cages can be fold flat when not in use. They are cheaper than other pet store cages, and you can purchase a lid.