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07-14-14, 01:04 pm
my parents want to about how much a c&c cage will cost
I already know about how much every thing other than the coroplast will cost
i need enough coroplast for a 2x4 grid c&c cage
about how much did your coroplast cost?
how much did you buy?

07-14-14, 01:10 pm
Mine cost roughly 60 bucks but then I added a loft which was an extra 30 dollars but I added the loft a year later. I started with a 2x4 on a grid stand. But no everyone will spend the same amount. It depends on your state and country. Some people even got lucky that they got their coroplast for free. Also depends on where you get the coroplast. Mine was about 20 dollars but if you go to home depot I think its around like 15 dollars.

07-14-14, 01:12 pm
But as I said not everyone will spend the same. It is cheaper to make it on your own. You also have to consider how much a pet store cage is. So a c&c is way cheaper when you look at how much more room you get. Like my store cage cost me 70 bucks and it was the biggest they had. Now my c&c like I said cost me around 50 or 60 buts its so much bigger. You could probably fit about 4 of the store bought cages in it. Now that I added the loft it probably cost me around 70 or 80 but I didn't add that till later. Also like I said it may be different for you cause prices vary from state to state.

07-14-14, 01:26 pm
A box of grids costs around $18 at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The coroplast can vary depending on where you get it. Alternately, you can use a shower curtain instead of coroplast and put bedding on top of it. As others have said, it's much cheaper to build your own.

Here are the instructions: http://www.guineapigcages.com/howtometric.htm

07-14-14, 01:29 pm
If you go to this site, click on cages, then scroll down to clearance and coroplast sheets! That is where I got mine. I don't remember the dimensions completely, but you got multiple sheets that I made into four 2x2 kitchens. So it is wide enough, I just used zip ties to make the sides since im not very good at measuring and this way seemed easier for me so I didn't waste.
I don't see them on there right now, but maybe you could email as they are super sweet and get back to you quickly on exact sizes and it was all for $20!!
Heck of a deal and not any big deal to poke holes and zip tie!
Good luck

07-14-14, 02:25 pm
Home Depot sells 3x6 ft sheet coroplast for $13.

Sabic Polymershapes 4x8 ft sheet for $10 - $20 (call them for price, prices vary by location)

You can also find them at local sign stores.