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07-10-14, 04:23 pm
An old friend of mine (who I adopted Buddha the guinea pig from) needs to re-home her rabbit. I'm not sure why, as I couldn't hear her that well over the phone but she needs to re-home the bunny by August-ish. She's a young (1 or 2 years?) female, not spayed (the old 'friend' called her crazy/mean...), kept in a small cage with poor air flow, might not be getting (enough) hay/veggies, and also might be on improper shavings. Her name is simply "Bunny."

I'm in Connecticut, if anyone is interested. My family is also taking a trip to South Carolina in August, so if anyone in South Carolina is interested maybe we could work something out. Also, if anyone knows of rescues I could contact or rabbit forums I could post on that would be great.

There's no worry of the girl simply abandoning or releasing Bunny out into the wild, as she mentioned giving Bunny to a shelter.

Thanks for reading.

07-10-14, 05:52 pm
She could be being "crazy/mean" because she needs to be spayed. Rabbits that aren't spayed or neutered often display aggressive behaviors.

If she can't find someone to take her and needs some rescues to call, here are some rabbit rescues located in CT:

Nestles Rabbit Rescue- http://www.nestlesrabbitrescue.com/
Their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nestlesrabbitrescue

3 Bunnies R.R.: http://www.3bunnies.org/
They're foster based and don't have a shelter, so it would depend on if they can find a foster for her in time.

Rabbit Allies of CT: https://www.facebook.com/rabbitalliesct

07-10-14, 07:46 pm
Thank you! I was looking at 3 Bunnies earlier but didn't find the other two.

And yeah, I told her it should be spayed but she honestly doesn't care.