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07-09-14, 02:13 pm
Hi guys! Is it normal/ok for my piggies to be chewing the footstool that I replaced the igloo with? I read that the igloo causes squabbles because there are more exits but my girls are chewing it! They never chewed the igloo. I don't know why they are doing this. They have an edible tunnel with a hole (does anyone know what I'm talking about?) that they can chew, plus apple wood sticks and hay twists. I don't understand. Should I put the igloo back? Or is the chewing ok??
Thank you!

07-09-14, 02:30 pm
hmm. Chewing is usually fine but it depends on the material the stool is made of and if it has a finish on it.
Asher has an Ikea Doll Bed and he is always chewing on it, I don't mind because it is made of untreated pine. After a while I'll sand it down but it seem s fine.

07-09-14, 02:33 pm
This is a plastic footstool that a few members have mentioned using. However, this one is from the dollar store so I don't know how different it is from the Rubbermaid one recommended by members. I noticed they do slightly chew on the igloo as well...

07-09-14, 02:46 pm
plastic cant be good for them to chew, i would take it out. If they dont chew on the igloo, put that back in and maybe cut a second exit into it.

07-09-14, 03:20 pm
I'm noticing they are chewing slightly on the entrance to the igloo....:-/

07-09-14, 03:35 pm
hmmmmm, then I would use strictly edible things like you said you have or fleece hideys, since you have chewing piggies I recommend that you take out the plastics that they chew on

07-09-14, 03:39 pm
Thank you cheyenneee!!! Probably best...does anybody else have this problem?

07-09-14, 04:52 pm
hahaha no problem! :)