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07-08-14, 01:31 am
Hi me and my family have rehomed 5 guinea pigs we have 3 males and two females (George, Henry , Boo, Sofia and Jasmine) We have never owned guinea pigs before and when we collected them I took the ladies word for it that the girls were housed together and the boys separate well to be honest I had a look but wasn't quite sure what I was looking at! Anyway we have had them 9 weeks yesterday but turns out the lady had been housing both females with a male and I have two very pregnant piggies due I think any day eeek!!!
I have separated the boys from the girls as I believe the boys could eat the babies and ensure that they have clean water food and hay readily available I was just wondering if there is anything else I can do??
Sooooooo excited for the new arrivals!!!
Any advice would be much appreciated :)

07-08-14, 01:44 am
Hi and welcome to the forum! Good luck with the babies. Are the girls looking really big? Once they start rapidly putting on weight the babies will be due soon. I don't know how much you know so i I'll just start by saying that babies are born eyes open, ears open, fur, and they start running around within the first hour (always amazes me). You must seperate the boys and girls at three or four weeks old because they can actuallly start mating after this time which is not good for them. Hope that I helped you? Let us know how they are going:)

07-08-14, 01:52 am
Thank you for the response I have done some research as originally I thought they were just putting on weight as I changed the food a week after we had got them (wasn't very good food they were on) but two just kept getting bigger and bigger and then I started searching the internet which implied they may be pregnant and then I felt the babies move (AMAZING!!) so defiantly pregnant! We have had them 65 days today so I'm guessing any day?? The girls are very big I have a teddy one (Sofia) who is also plucking her fur but I'm guessing this is a nesting instinct?? Jasmine who is long haired black and white is not moving much now and only coming out for food and water so I'm thinking any time soon? :)

07-08-14, 02:04 am
Good Luck!!!! pot pigtures!!!!! :)

07-08-14, 02:16 am
6683566836These are my two pregnant ladies not a very good view but don't want to disturb them too much

07-08-14, 02:52 am
awww beautiful ladies:D

07-08-14, 03:00 am
Hello and welcome!

Firstly, guinea pigs regardless of gender won't eat their young. The reason you need the boys separate is because the sows can be reimpregnated minutes after giving birth, and being pregnant is not good for sows. You'll also have to remove any male pups at 3 weeks old as they can impregnate the mother/sisters at that age. http://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm use this to make sure you have your males separate from your females. And make sure you don't do piggy play dates either, the males and females can never mix.

How old are your sows? You'll need to provide a calcium supplement for them during the pregnancy and nursing time, and for the babies too. If your sows are over 6 months old, it's easiest to just give the babies two sprigs of parsley while you have them out for cuddles. If the sows are under 6 months, you can mix some alfalfa hay in with your grass hay (1/3 alfalfa, 2/3 grass hay), or provide them with alfalfa based pellets.

You'll be able to hear the pups teeth gnashing in the womb about a week before delivery, and a great way to tell roughly when the birth will happen is to locate and feel the pelvic bone. Leave your sows in the cage but hold her still while you use your finger from behind to press just above her genital area. If the bones have a space between them, you're likely about 48 hours from delivery, but as with human pregnancy, the babies will come on their own schedule!

Lastly, please don't think I'm being rude, but how large is the cage you have your sows in? It looks like a hutch based on the wooden wall and most of them aren't adequate in size. You need at least 9 square feet, and more would be better. Your three boys should have around 11 square feet minimum, but again, more would be better. You'll also need to expand the space if you intend on keeping the pups and putting them with the other pigs of their gender.

07-08-14, 03:43 am
Thank you for the advice the sows are in hutches each have there own as this is where they appear most comfortable at the moment and I don't have the runs available for them to be out of the hutches until my husband will have finished making them tomorrow. All my guinea pigs are usually in runs in the garden throughout the day and hutches through the night as there are lots of cats nearby but because I have separated the males (3 of them) and they don't get along with each other they are in the 3 separate runs I have already which I would have used originally for 5 of them. The hutches are however plenty big enough for the time being and the safest place I feel for them :)

07-08-14, 03:45 am
I believe there just over 1

07-08-14, 05:28 am
Since you've had them for 9 weeks, it should be very soon. Good luck, I hope it goes well!

If they are over 8 months old, there might be some complications since the ligament that allows their pelvic bones to open gets stiffer. However, it wouldn't be a problem if they'd had a litter before, and it's likely that they have.

The boys probably didn't get along because they didn't have enough space. If you put them in a larger cage they might be able to live together. Also, if you have adequate space for 2 sows with litters to live together, you should keep the girls together. Sows often help mother the pups together, and if one has a small litter while the other has a large litter, they can split the duties.

Are you keeping your pigs outside? This forum advocates indoor housing for these reasons (scroll down to the bottom of the page): http://www.guineapigcages.com/location.htm
Especially since you'll be having baby piggies soon, I strongly suggest that you keep them indoors in large cages. You can build easy, inexpensive C&C cages that offer much more space and are much easier to clean than wooden hutches. Browse around on the photo galleries of this forum to get some ideas. If you want to build one, check out these instructions: http://www.guineapigcages.com/howto.htm.
For the babies, make sure any wire part of the cage has openings that are no bigger than 3/4" square, otherwise the babies can squeeze right through it or get their head stuck in it.

07-08-14, 09:15 am
It doesn't seem to matter how much space the boys have they will fight I've had to separate them today due to fighting George is now missing fur and they both have grass stains. The pigs are currently outside they are situated under the veranda of my summer house so they are protected from the weather I was planning on leaving them in the garden through the summer until autumn where they would come into the house for winter as this is where we spend most of out time seeing as we're having a decent summer for once.
I have already checked the wire and they won't be able to squeeze through so no worries there guess it's just a waiting game :)