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07-07-14, 07:58 am
Hi everyone

I am looking for breeders in Germany. I am in South Africa but want to import Guineas from Germany. I am looking for Himalayan smooth coats, self black smooth coats and Shelties. Please could someone direct me in the right direction? I have been everywhere on the internet and cannot find any breeders in Germany!

Thank you very much!

Divan de Lange

07-07-14, 08:31 am
I don't think anyone here is going to help you with that, this is an anti-breeding forum.

07-07-14, 08:31 am
This forum is anti-breeding and anti-petstore and pro-adoption. Breeding a sow means that there's a 20% chance she might die. Even though you are in S. Africa, is there any sort of animal rescue or shelter you could go to? One more question, why do you want pigs specifically bred from Germany if you don't mind me asking..?

07-07-14, 09:05 am
Your other problem, besides the dangers of breeding, is that there are very few exotic vets in South Africa, and almost none equipped to deal with the very common dental problems that guinea pigs have. So if you're planning on importing and selling guinea pigs, be aware that many animals that you sell will suffer from inadequate vet care.

I've been active on guinea pig forums for several years, and every poster on those forums from South Africa has had major problems finding adequate vet care for their pigs. Small animal vets are not equipped to deal with guinea pigs, especially those with molar issues or who need surgeries for urinary tract stone removal and/or spaying/neutering.

07-07-14, 02:36 pm
What I would like to know is are you gonna breed them or just want one as a pet.

If you want one as a pet why can't you go to a pet rescue or shelter. Breeding is very dangerous I think its like 3 in 5 sows die. Then theirs what genes will be passed to the offsprings. I would just advise you to not breed them period, end. I don't live in Africa and I don't know much about it.

07-07-14, 03:26 pm
There are some german forums, look for meerschweinchen online. I don't speak german so I don't visit any of the forums and can't direct you towards one. But I've heard some good and some bad stories about german breeders.
However....can you import a guinea to south africa? Have you checked regulations? If vets aren't used to guinneas, should you take the risk? And what about feeding/ bedding?

07-08-14, 03:15 am
Hi everyone

Thank you very much for your replies. I didn't know this is an anti-breeding forum, I'm very sorry for posting my inquiry here. This site is very cool though, I like to visit it.

I am part of the only Guinea Pig Society in South Africa. We are a very small society, with only about 10 people involved. Our goal is to educate people about the guinea pigs and then we also are the only breeders of pedigreed, show quality and registered guineas in the country. We have some imported lines from Romania and Czechoslovakia which we have been working with. I am looking for German breeders because I know Germans do everything they do very well and to perfection! So I thought the same would be applicable to their guinea breeding.

While proper vets isn't in abundance we do have a few very good vets who are able to look after our piggies to an international standard. Bedding isn't a problem, we have a variety of bedding to choose from. We feed Versele Laga food at the moment, and we are busy importing Burges food from the UK which will be new in the country. We will then be using the Burges from here onward. So we have good quality food available too. (Keep in mind that South Africa isn't like the rest of Africa, you can compare South Africa to Australia.) We do not really sell our guinea pigs, we keep all offspring ourselves. In the rare event that we do sell a piggy we inspect the new owners very thoroughly before they can get a pig, they also sign contracts which contain all our terms and conditions, for example they are not allowed to breed with the piggy.

Starthecavy123, I am planning on breeding with them. We have very few show quality pedigreed registered pigs in the country and every pig we import (at great expense) is used to improve our lines in the country. We are well aware of the dangers of breeding, but unfortunately it is a risk we have to take. There are many pet class piggies available at rescues and pet shops etc. It is these people who recklessly breed with these animals who we want to stop, they are very ignorant and we want to just teach them to be able to ensure a better life for all animals.

Even though we breed in order to produce the best animals possible for showing we also love every piggy very much and they are definitely not just seen as "breeding animals". They are all the love of our lives and some live better than we ourselves do! :)

I have been to meerschweinchen.de, but they are not associated with breeding. There are no other Cavy/Meerschweinchen/Guine Pig sites online, which I find weird...

07-08-14, 03:24 am
This is not only an anti breeding site, we are also a pro-rescue site and we don't advocate the showing of guinea pigs. Guinea pigs get nothing out of it. Instead, it puts them in a stressful situation since they're prey animals. You should consider rescuing guinea pigs no one wants and caring for them until you can find them a new home. Guinea pigs would benefit from that.

07-08-14, 03:37 am
I agree Pinky. We also operate a rescue and rehome establishment. We rescue and rehome about 7 piggies a month.

07-08-14, 07:53 pm
You said something about pedigree, pedigree means nothing in guinea pigs. That's just my personal opinion. Its very hard on the sow and most die during birth. Then you never know what traits will passed down to the offspring. You could end up with lethals among other things.