View Full Version : Mad Cavies

06-05-02, 01:09 pm
I have one mad Cavy. My daughter has three mad cavies and they love being mad cavies together on the floor. I have the cage open all the time so they come in and out and the room is covered in obstacles. They are really happy. Does anyone else do this and if so what do they put on the floor for them?

09-03-02, 12:14 pm
Hi SilverCavy!
We let our cavies have "floor time" everyday for about 30-45 minutes. In this time, their food dishes and water bowls stay out on the floor with them, and we put out log tunnels, squeaky toys, and a plate of timothy hay.
They also get to play in the garden on Sundays, unless it isn't raining, snowing, or other weather inclements.
If your cavies aren't going to have floor time for too long, you can always just put themselves on the floor with none of their cage accessories except maybe a water dish or bottle.