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09-27-05, 07:28 pm
I'm upgrading my 2x7 cage up to a 4 level 3x5. I currently have 2 boys, but I was wondering that, if I ever wanted to get another little boy, could I fit 3 or 4 boys? My boys get along fine, they're not the best of friends, but they get along. If I did adopt another, is there a chance that the new one could upset the balance so much that it would ruin their friendship? Just curious, because if so I won't get another, though I would love to. I've had my eye on Cinnamon( http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=4156437) and Pumpkin( http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=4422881) from the Critter Corral.

09-27-05, 07:47 pm
Another quick question: Well, my new cage(to see an example of the type of cage I'm building, visit the brilliant CCC's gallery: http://www.cavycages.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=3518&password=&sort=1&size=medium&cat=507&page=) plan has gotten questioned. it turns out that placing the cage on the floor might not work, because, as the pigs live in our finished basement, it sometimes floods when we get heavy rains. Sucks, yeah? Well, I can either rebuild and run the risk of it flooding( very, very rare) or I can keep them in their stupid boring 2x7. Any opinions?

09-27-05, 08:00 pm
If your going to make it 4 levels why not just make the bottom level empty and use the top 3 levels. The bottom level could be a stand for storing supplies such as bedding or pellets and then the 2nd level is the main 3x5 and stack the other 2 levels on top of it. A 3x5 without any other levels is enough for 4 boys so cutting off 1 level isn't going to be a big deal and would save them from the risk of having a flooded cage.
Everytime you add another guinea pig they have to figure out a new herd order. Who is boss, who is at the bottom, and where everyone else ranks. Usually that's not a problem and they work it out with a few minor arguments but occasionally you find 2 that have a personality clash and just won't get along. There's always a chance when introducing guinea pigs that 2 might not get along but they are so much happier with company it's usually worth the risk and effort.

09-27-05, 08:05 pm
Thanks so much! The thing is that it sometimes floods a considerable amount. Once, and probably before I was born, the water rose to the fourth step. Our sum pump really didn't work then, though.. I'm so mad now. I already started the cage and asked if the flooding would bother the boys, and she wasn't listening and she just said, "No..." I was so upset, though I really have no right to be, as I do it quite a bit, too! ;)

09-28-05, 05:27 pm
If the 2x7 is currently in a safe location you could always put a 2nd level on that cage and just have a 2 level 2x7 cage. That's still alot of space. The only problem might be reaching the top level. Otherwise I would measure the highest it has flooded and make sure the 1st level with guinea pigs starts above that height. It would be a very sad situation to find your guinea pigs drowned because their cage flooded. It doesn't sound like that's the best place to put a guinea pig cage. It might be better to leave them in a slightly smaller but safer area.

09-28-05, 09:10 pm
I guess that would be the best thing for them. I just wanted to make the cage a little wider for the sake of running room. Maybe I can elevate it and make it a two level elevated 3x5.

09-28-05, 11:20 pm
Isn't a 3x5 almost equal to a 2x7? 3x5=15 grid space, 2x7=14. So it should fit about 4-5 boys.

09-29-05, 02:10 am
I've got my four boys in a 3x5, to add any more I'd have to expand.

09-29-05, 04:06 pm
But the thing is that, while my boys never actually fight, they do get testy with each other, and are still rumblestrutting at each other after 2 thirds of the year. Do any of your boys do this, Dagwell?

Percy's Mom
09-29-05, 06:18 pm
Maybe you could make an inexpensive base out of a sheet of plywood with cinder block legs? Get it up off the floor in case there is a flood.

09-29-05, 06:37 pm
I could. it all depedns on my mom, because technically it is her basement! :P

Percy's Mom
09-29-05, 06:47 pm
Just for the record, I love the word "piggles". That cracked me up when I read the title of your thread.

09-29-05, 07:27 pm
My guys fight like the dickens!! Well not fighting, they nip eachoter and then cry about it. It's mainly Apollo and Chewie, that's why I decided to make it three grids wide, that way if they have to pass eachother they can have a full grid between them. I didn't know that guinea pigs stopped rumble strutting <sarcasim>

I really like the 3x5 it fits in my room nicely with out taking it over. I have it elevated, but I used it with grids, it took about 5 boxes. I'm sure I could have used less on the base, but it was just easier to use a lot of grids. I LOVE having all the storage underneath.

I wish I could get some pictures but my camera is dead.

09-29-05, 08:51 pm
Thanks Dagwell, that really reassures me that getting another boy wouldn't kill everybody else. I would love to make a 3x5 but it all depends on what mom says! Take pictures! I'll buy you a new camera! Heh.

09-29-05, 10:40 pm
My girls probably all nip each other at least once a day and the boys have their moments where the less dominant one has to retreat to the hayloft to avoid getting bit. It's just normal guinea pig interactions.

A 2.7 is 19sq ft and a 3x5 is 20.5 sq ft so they are about the same but the width does make a difference in running space. There are certain houses in my cage that have to be turned just right or the guinea pigs can't run all the way around them. Most of their running is just running straight down the length of the cage and then stopping for a moment before running back instead of a solid loop like when they are loose in a large room.

09-30-05, 03:14 pm
Alright thanks. I'm always afraid that my boys are taking it a bit too far eith each other, but seeing that your girls get snippy definitely helps!