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07-03-14, 01:38 am
So I want to make a fleece hidey hut for my guinea pig but I have no idea how to do it. I couldn't find any videos on youtube for one and I really want to make one for my guinea pig. How would I do this? I'm also making a fleece forest, corner curtain, cozy cup, a tunnel, a square bed, a hammock as well as a couple of pads to put inside her pigloo and some pee pads to put under her water bottlesnand food dishes. As well as a liner for a 2x5 c&c cage. Approximately how many yards of fleece would it take to make two of everything? I don't expect an exact answere just an approximate. Also would batting be om for pee pads or should I make them the same way as liners and use uhaul pads?

I know this is a lot but I would appreciate any and all answers u have to give. Thanks so much.

Also all of this is in preparation for winter since my house gets really cold (like under 60 degrees) and I would like most of these things to be able to fit two adult piggies so my girls (i have a second piggy in the quaratine period and waiting for intros) can cuddle of they want.

07-03-14, 03:35 am
You'd need a lot of fleece to make all that. I'm not sure how much you'd need, but I know that I need 2 metres of fleece for my 2x4.5 cage. I'm having mine go up the walls though so I can clip it to stop my girls burrowing.

07-03-14, 06:49 am
Your best friend is going to be the remnants section at your fabric store.... I'd get 3 yards (or 1 1/2 of two kinds) of fleece cut from the bolt, but most of your craft ideas could be made with remnants which are much cheaper than buying off the bolt. I would measure how much you'll need for the whole cage to make one liner, including if you need any up the sides and double that before you even go in so you don't spend more money than you have too. buying remnants is such a money saver, and then I can have as many different patterns and looks as I want. Often enough they even come in sections large enough I can use them to line my cage if I want to without spending as much money. For the pee pads you can line with batting or uhaul whichever is your preference. I personally use Uhaul just because it's one less thing I have to worry about buying that way.

07-03-14, 06:52 am
I just realized you may not know what remnants are. Anyway they are the leftovers from the bolt when there are less than two yards left on the bolt after someone has gotten their stuff cut. THey are discounted at 50% off or more. This is a much easier way to buy fleece for me at least, and much cheaper.

07-03-14, 12:41 pm
Thanks I knew I would need a lot of fleece but my biggest worry was getting the correct amount for the liners. I did not know that a remnants section actually existed so I will have to look into that.

Does anyone know how to make a hidey hut out of fleece?