View Full Version : Feet Broken toe nails

06-25-14, 03:52 pm
It's cage cleaning day! I went to get Moses out of his cage and noticed that one of his back toe nails was crooked. Upon further inspection I noticed he had broken it. I touched it and he quickly pulled it away from me. Should I clip off the broken part? It looks kind of close to the quick, so I didn't want to risk it. Will it just fall off? Thanks!

06-25-14, 03:56 pm
I would break it off and have some stypic power to stop the bleeding if it does. If you don't have any stypic powder, than you should just hold pressure on it with a cotton ball until the blood clots.

06-25-14, 04:44 pm
I've heard corn starch works well as a makeshift stypic powder,