View Full Version : Fleece Odor Won't Come Out of Fleece-Family Complaining, Any suggestions please?!

06-25-14, 07:49 am

My guinea pig (Boo Boo) is in a small sized cc cage with a set of 3 fleece flippers. My boyfriend and I never notice the smell but now since for the summer we have to stay with his family, they are noticing the smell. I change and wash the fleece flippers every 6-7 days since I only have the one pig.

Since the family does not want me to wash the fleece flippers at home, I have to take them to the local laundry mat. I use his all natural unscented detergent but it doesn't seem to be doing enough. Even after I wash them they still seem to smell a little.

Is there any kind of all natural febreeze-like spray thats safe for piggies?

Thank you!

06-25-14, 07:56 am
You can not use any spray things near guinea pigs. GP's have sensitive respitory systems and spraying stuff around them wouldn't be good. Do you sweep his cage twice a day? Sweeping more often and maybe having another set of flippers and changing those out more often can help the smell. Also, when I do a load of pig laundry I put in 1/3 cup of vinegar on the rinse cycle first, then I wash it with soap on once the rinse cycle is done. It takes away that pig smell and doesn't smell like vinegar when I pull it out.

06-25-14, 08:10 am
I'd change the fleece more frequently. You can sweep up the droppings immediately but the urine starts smelling like ammonia if they go in the same spot a lot. How big is your cage? Some guinea pigs have more odor than others, although I personally don't think males smell more. Each guinea pig is different.

06-25-14, 08:50 am
Oxiclean! I use arm and hammer detergent (unscented) with a scoop of oxiclean. Also if you could get a second set of flippers and change them out maybe midweek that will help.

06-25-14, 09:14 am
While you are living with them, I would start using wood pellets and lay the fleece on top. They do so well with holding down odors.

06-25-14, 09:17 am
Hot water and bleach will also help. Fleece is pretty indestructible, so the bleach won't hurt it. Just rinse well afterward.

06-25-14, 10:50 am
Before taking to the laundromat, you can spray your fleece flippers, and uhaul pads with undiluted vinegar. It will help break down the urine.

06-25-14, 08:32 pm
Very good suggestions! I've noticed that the guineas' bedding/fleece/toys don't stink per se, but they do have a particular smell (like dogs smell, horses smell etc). I wonder if you could place them in a bucket, with diluted vinegar, on the way to the laundry mat? Gosh, what a pain to have to do his laundry elsewhere, though I do find the amount of hay left in my washer to be surprising. I throw all my horsey stuff in there too, which is just as bad, but more from a hair point of view so our machine gets quite the work out.

06-26-14, 07:30 am
Is there any kind of all natural febreeze-like spray thats safe for piggies?

Absolutely! I get 5-7 days out of my fleece liners by using a product called Clean Cage. It is a cage deodorizer, NOT a product to clean the cage (read the label). It is supposed to be safe for cavies, but I still don't spray it where the piggies will come in direct contact with it until it's dry. Don't wait until the fleece starts smelling and annoying the family to do something about it. I spray the dirty side and turn it over mid-week and get an extra three days out of it.

It also works well for litter boxes. I scoop out the poops and wet spots, lightly spray with Clean Cage, and then put a light layer of litter on top. My litter boxes are emptied and washed weekly.

Bpatters is right........fleece is pretty indestructible. I normally wash my liners with OxiClean and a non-scented detergent, but now tend to use bleach.......even though my liners are a black background. They will last longer if you use OxiClean, but perhaps about every couple of weeks, use bleach.

Want to keep peace in the family? Invest in an air purifier........absolutely invaluable. The Homedics brand is an excellent product. They are a little pricey but we bought ours at Bed Bath & Beyond with a 20% coupon. Ours has been running 24/7 for two years without even a hiccup. If the room is of small-average size, the smaller Homedics is adequate.

http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/search/search.jsp?view=grid&_dyncharset=UTF-8&Keyword=homedics%20air%20purifier (http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/search/search.jsp?view=grid&_dyncharset=UTF-8&Keyword=homedics%20air%20purifier)

06-26-14, 08:09 am
I have the same issue of the fleece still having a pee smell after I wash my liners. I use regular gain detergent, Is OxiClean really ok to wash with?

07-01-14, 11:10 am
Thank you for all of your suggestions! I do have a second set of flippers. I change them every 6 days.

07-01-14, 04:39 pm
I have the same issue of the fleece still having a pee smell after I wash my liners. I use regular gain detergent, Is OxiClean really ok to wash with?

Your liners should have NO detectable odor. Yes, of course OxiClean is perfectly fine to use. And, as I said previously, I use a bit of bleach as well.

07-01-14, 07:30 pm
Soak in a vinegar soak, then wash with a bit of vinegar in the Arm and Hammer no scent. I've used fleece for over a year, no issues

07-17-14, 07:46 am
ok update, sorry it took me so long to reply.. I washed my liners and other fleece recently and I used regular gain detergent, oxiclean, and bleach and I have to say it still had a smell but it had improved from before when I just used detergent only. So thanks everyone for your help.