View Full Version : Bedding Home makeable litter until I can get more?

06-24-14, 02:47 am
Long story, but I'm a minor and neither of my parents can get litter right now. Anything I can make at home? A fleece flipper is in there right now, but I don't have a uhaul pad to wrap around it so it is bare (the rest of the uhaul pad I had had to be used for the same incident before). Can I cut up pieces of a material? Anything? Thank you in advance.

06-24-14, 03:55 am
Fleece shouldn't be used without an absorbent layer because it results in your pigs sitting on their urine all the time, which can lead to a few different medical issues. Can your parents pick up a bag of wood shavings? They're not overly expensive and would do fine as a substitute for the whole cage until you can have UHAUL/litter again.

06-24-14, 04:59 am
What do you mean by a fleece flipper? A fleece flipper is fleece around a piece of coroplast with a piece of uhaul padding between the fleece and coroplast. If you have fleece, just put a layer of towel or cotton mattress pad under it as the absorbent layer. It doesn't have to be a uhaul pad.

06-24-14, 06:38 am
The rest of the fleece flippers have U-haul pads on them, I just don't have more uhaul padding and where the kitchen usually is I had to make a fleece flipper kind of thing as I have nothing else to use as a kitchen for them. @pinky (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=15081) also, my mom would kill me if I used one of her towels (I have none I can use for the pigs) and no spare mattress pad either. I was just wondering if any materials around the house could be made into temporary bedding. Princess_Piggie that's my exact problem anyway, neither of them can get to a pet store. Our nearest pet store is half hour away in a town we don't go to all that often, and when we do, I always suggest we drop by PetSmart but it's either too late or a Sunday (ours is closed on that day) (side note: I am looking into online shopping but it's complicated at the moment, don't want to support those stupid places but I have no other choice). I see my dad on Wednesdays when we go to that nearby town but he's never able to afford it. Ugh, such complications.