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06-22-14, 10:02 am
I'm Lea and these two lounging beauties are Clover and Fern. Clover is a cheeky little skinny who enjoys sleeping in some of the most awkward positions I have ever seen and Fern is a newer addition who started off quite frightened of just about everything but has now calmed down to a shy little cuddle bug. I hope to see more of her personality shine through now that she's in a safe stable home.


I had originally wanted a pair of Skinny Pigs (of course now as I learn more about their breeding I begin to question my original motives :sad: ) but when I went to pick up Clover and her sister it turned out that her sister had been sold to someone who just wanted one piggy...I felt sad and not sure what to do with just one skinny, but even more sad that Clover had been left alone because "two would be too expensive..." I already had my cage constructed and waiting to be occupied so I took Clover home wondering how I would find the perfect adopted sister to accompany her in a C&C cage we are affectionately calling "Guineaham Palace".

Enter Fern. I wasn't sure if I could house Skinnies and haired piggies together as I have previously owned rats and the hairless ones tended to get quite beaten up rough-housing with their cage mates who didn't quite realize their sibling didn't have the same protection as them. After searching and searching and really not finding much information on the subject, except to say "yes, you can house them together" without listing any precautions one might need to take in doing so, I remained hesitant. Fern made me want to give it a shot. She was a pet store reject by harshest terms...not quite a baby anymore after sitting in her cramped cubicle for quite some time and not being chosen...I was in picking up some new accessories for Clover's cage (Clover, who by the way, was quickly developing only-child-syndrome from the epic spoiling ;)), and I walked past the traditional tiny depressing glass prisons trying not to look when something caught my eye: A tri-color looking like she had stuck a toe in an electrical outlet! I was in love!

The employee at the store informed me that no one was interested in her because she didn't "look right." Apparently the standard short-hairs and Abyssinians are all they can sell...and heaven forbid if they have red-eyes because no one wants those either. Fern was also quite loud and so frightened that the employee wore gloves to retrieve her in case she might bite...(Funny...she has never once even mouthed me while Clover happily and affectionately chews my forearms while we cuddle).

Long story short, after a proper introduction in the neutral territory of the bathtub with owners at the ready to separate any piggy aggression Clover and Fern are hilariously good friends and sisters: popcorning and racing, making good use of their floorspace and even calling for one another when one is out of the cage for cuddle time, or even if she's just out of sight sleeping in the cabin on the second story. I still check Clover daily for marks/signs of any foul play that might be taking place when I'm not around to observe (and because it's just good practice) but to be honest I would be extraordinarily surprised to find anything. They even cram themselves into cuddle beds and huts to sleep together (which I hear is rare for non-siblings).

So, that's the story of my guinea family. I have been nothing but delighted to find out what affectionate interesting pets they are but quite saddened to think of their fate in petstores where they become "starter-pets" for children whose parents have no desire to be involved (One boy approached me while I was waiting for Fern and told me that his Guinea pigs had died of Scurvy because "apparently you can't only feed them carrots" :sad::sad::sad:). Every day I learn more about their care requirements, and look up every new vegetable before I feed it to them after reading the feeding charts which specify which foods are acceptable and in what quantities/frequency. I can't believe that animals with such specific care requirements and susceptibility to diseases like scurvy and diabetes are handed out in pet stores without so much as a care sheet...

Excuse my rant. Despite all the guinea-injustice my eyes have been opened to, my girls make me so happy. I even have a chair in front of their home so I can sit and observe for long periods of time and talk to them (they're just so darn interesting). On another note, I am very curious to find out what breed/mix of guinea pig Fern might be...some of her random long tufts of fur even appear Texel and she has curly curly hair on her chest between her forearms. Maybe I will make a post with some better pictures of her in order to inquire if anyone on the forum has any insight.

Cheers for now, I look forward to meeting/chatting with you all and I hope I can refrain from any forum faux-pas.

maddy harper
06-22-14, 11:36 am
hello there
your pigs sound adorable
welcome to the forums

06-22-14, 12:18 pm
Hello and welcome to the forum. Your girls are so cute! And skinny and furry piggies get along just fine. With piggies it's not an appearance thing, it's a personality thing on whether they get along or not.

06-22-14, 12:28 pm
Adorable piggies! Fern looks like a Teddy to me, especially with those crooked whiskers.

06-22-14, 02:34 pm
Adorable piggies! Fern looks like a Teddy to me, especially with those crooked whiskers.

In some spots she does LOL but she's got quite the crazy mowhawk along her back of much longer wavy hair. I really need to get some good pictures. She's a funky mix of something for sure :)

Thanks for the compliment

06-22-14, 03:51 pm
Adorable piggies. I love Ferns hair.

06-22-14, 04:38 pm
Here are some more shots of Fern trying to show her crazy Mohawk/ mane? And one more of Clover just because she's adorable...she clearly lives a life of leisure ;)

Is Fern just a teddy bear? Or maybe something else in the genetics?

06-22-14, 04:58 pm
It's so nice to welcome you and your adorable piggies to the forum. I really got a smile out of you naming your cage "Guineaham Palace. That is really clever.

I hope you enjoy this forum as much as I do. Everyone is so willing to share their knowledge.

06-22-14, 07:06 pm
welcome to the forum!!!!! Also I understand the problem of walking by the pet store cubicles... I've seen three cuy's (An oversized breed of guinea pigs) stuck in one itty bitty space and almost walked out of there with all of them, despite being a strong proponent of "rescues" but if that wouldn't have been rescuing animals I don't know what would be. Glad your girls are loved and happy together now and all is going well.

maddy harper
06-23-14, 07:35 am
hello and welcome to the forums :D