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10-07-02, 04:06 am
does anybody know if you can use cat litter in guinea-pig hutches

10-07-02, 10:06 am
Generally the composition of cat litters aren't at all suitable for use as a guinea pig's bedding. However there are some made only from recycled paper and with no deodorising chemicals added (piggers may well eat the litter) that you can use. If you're not sure whether one is suitable or not from the information on the packet, then don't use it.

See this page for details on lots of different beddings and their suitability for piggers www.cavycages.com/bedding.htm (http://www.cavycages.com/bedding.htm) . It lists the brands of cat litters which are okay and things to watch out for.

www.treenspigs.com/index.html (http://www.treenspigs.com/index.html)