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06-18-14, 06:30 pm
I have already went over what pellet brand I'm going to use and have also gotten a veggie/fruit list for rabbits from House Rabbit Society. I read from one of their helpful articles that you gradually mix the old food with the new, unless it is a bad food full of unhealthy things for the rabbit.

For feeding, should i mix the pellets and veggies/fruits together for feeding?
I have heard of one person who feeds veggies in the morning and pellets at night. Is this suitable?

Also, I was thinking of adopting a rabbit from a local shelter. Should I find out what type of food they fed her and start to mix the pellets gradually? Also with veggies and fruit, would I just give them to her or try to gradually give them?

Sorry for all the questions. I plan to adopt my first rabbit and I want to make sure I feed her the correct way and to not give her stomach issues with improperly introduced food!

06-18-14, 06:41 pm
Gandalf Inle_Rabbit

06-18-14, 10:29 pm
I wouldn't worry too much about the pelleted food. I have never had a rabbit have stomach issues from a pellet switch. I would introduce greens slowly, one green at a time until you build up to the recommended amount for your future rabbit's age and weight. Remmeber to have a grass hay available 24/7 for the rabbit.

I give both my guinea pigs and rabbit two meals of veggies. One in the morning and one in the evening. I give them their pellets in the morning and I make sure their hay is refilled at both feeding times. All the animals get food throughout the day though from the kids. Usually it is carrots and lettuce leaves from the kids.

06-19-14, 12:34 am
Some rabbits can have issues when switching pellet brands. Some simply refuse the new kind. I've had rabbits that transitioned without a problem but I've heard stories otherwise on my rabbit forum. When you get your rabbit from the rescue, they should give you a few days worth of the pellets they've been feeding him. You can use those pellets to mix with whatever pellet you have chosen. The usual suggestion is to mix 1 part new to 3 parts old for a few days. Then switch to an even mix - half and half. Then mix 1 part old to 3 parts new. By the end of a week or so, bunny will (should) be used to the new brand. It certainly won't do any harm to use the transition method.

Inle's suggestion for the greens is also what I would suggest. You could also ask the rescue if/how often their rabbits get greens. Skip fruit until bunny is good and settled. It is just a treat anyway. You could also take a peek at my site (http://rabbitsindoors.weebly.com/greens--veggies.html)that goes over the feeding of greens.

As for when to feed pellets, or greens, etc. it is really up to you. Rabbits are creatures of habit and they will come to expect things at certain times once it becomes habit.
I refresh hay every morning and evening (and sometimes during the day). I feed greens just once per day -- around our dinner time when I'm in the kitchen anyway.
They sometimes get a treat in the evening when we are all in the family room. Then I feed the pellets directly before I go to bed. The reason I do this, is that my rabbits are free range all day. The pellets are the bribe that gets them scurrying back to their cage for the night.