View Full Version : where can i get......

07-18-02, 12:51 pm
i looked at every pet store and i cant find any wooden houses!! please help!

07-19-02, 12:05 am
Step 1- Go to Home Depot
Step 2- Buy some wood
Step 3- Make a house out of the wood
Step 4- Put the house in the cage

Done. And probrably much cheaper and more rewarding than just buying one

07-19-02, 08:05 am
thanks for your help!

09-09-02, 11:49 am
You don't have to do all of that to make a wooden house for your piggies. These wooden homes are sold at most pet stores like Petsmart, and are inexpensive.

10-10-02, 11:09 am
Make sure , if you get crafty, that the wood you use to make the timber hide aways is chemical free!! Being crafty is always a fun thing, at the moment I am working on making cozies out of fleece and flannel!