View Full Version : Cutting rabbits nails (will they forgive me?)

06-13-14, 11:34 pm
Hi so I cut my new rabbits nails or most of them, their little hearts started beating and I got a couple angry nibbles and scratches but I did get some done.. I feel bad though I'm always so worried about giving them heart attacks and now they are both laying in their cage :( should I be worried? How can I cut their nails without stressing them so bad? I only did about one or two on each foot... I watched some YouTube videos and most people are able to flip them onto their backs but my two freaked right out so I ended up cradling them and doing one foot at a time...

06-14-14, 06:31 am
They will get over it. Rabbits are not as delicate as the Internet makes them out to be.

You should learn the proper way to handle them and start training them that way. Especially since yours are going to be so big! Rabbits are powerful animals for their size and if not well trained in grooming and handling they will hurt you.