View Full Version : Cleaning How To Clean Fur/Poo Off Teddies/Blankets?

06-12-14, 09:31 pm
Hi there,

My girls have two teddy bears in their cage and also some small "cuddle cups" (which are basically just blankets rolled up.

Naturally they get covered in fur and poo, I foolishly tried to wash them in the washing machine, all that did was get fur and poo in my washing machine without even cleaning the teddies!

Any tips?

06-12-14, 10:13 pm
Use a stiff hand brush (the kind that usually comes with a dustpan) and brush them off as much as possible with that first. It will usually remove hay and dried poop from fleece so should work on other fabrics as well.

06-12-14, 10:24 pm
I pick what I can off with one hand while holding the vacuum hose with the other. Then I'll run a lint brush over it. I don't want to wear down the fleece so I don't use rough stuff.

06-13-14, 03:52 am
Anything you keep in there permanently should be machine or hand washable. I don't put things like plush stuffed animals in my cages that are thick enough that they can't be thoroughly laundered or are made out of material that can't be washed. Once they're saturated with urine, they become a breeding grounds for bacteria. I'd say keep the blankets but get rid of the stuffed toys if they can't be completely cleaned.