View Full Version : Piggies and Baby Toys??? Let me know what you all think!!!!

10-15-02, 02:48 am
I was wondering.... I have heard of people using baby rattles for there piggies, and i saw this really cute picture of a guinea piggy in a toddlers, smooth edge mini dump truck.. maybe by fisher price? well i was thinking, WOULD guinea pigs like a few baby toys? baby toys are all smoothed edged, and plastic (easy to clean???)
and i thought the little baby truck pic was cute, and i thought maybe they would like stuff like that? (so long as it doesnt roll away?) maybe some other fisherprice things???? let me know, cuz if they like them i think it would be fun to buy some of that stuff for little piggies!!!

also, i thought this might be a cute idea, but i want to know if it would be okay if it was placed on the outside of the cage, i saw on the ferret store, this guinea pig treat holder, that played music! Well they have from fisher price, this musical lighted aquarium, with little fish that float around, would a piggy like that for something to look at and listen to?
let me know please!

10-15-02, 06:55 am
I think that as long as the toys are safe then they should be fine. Like - no small pieces, etc. As for the Fisher Price Peaceful Planet Aquarium - I'd say no to that one - not because the piggies might not like it but because those things eat batteries like there is no tomorrow (used to work in the refund area of a large children/baby toy store chain).

I think there are some guidelines for safe toys on the cavy spirit website: cavycages.com/toys.htm (http://cavycages.com/toys.htm) It even shows some really cute pictures of cage accessories. For me, I give my pigs a golf ball to roll around the cage, a mirror stuck to the coroplast, toilet paper tubes & paper towel tubes (slit lengthwise and sometimes stuffed with hay) and they have a hanging wooden bird toy with a metal bell at the bottom, they will sometimes grab the bell with their teeth and swing it to make it ring :)

10-15-02, 07:18 am
Ya, i know small parts for sure arent good, thats why i was thinking along the baby toys line, because they try not to include any small parts anyways.....
I think im mostly conserned on the materials mostly....... like if there is a plastic toy, if the pigs will chew on it, if its okay, or any other materials like that.... I thought this would be cute, but im almost 80% percent sure its not safe? but there is this rubber duck bath toy that is kinda bowl shaped, and i thought it would be cute, and maybe the piggies might like curling up inside? but its the rubber im not sure about on that one..... so thats why im asking about that....

is there a site specifically for mentioning of safe and unsafe materials for guinea pigs???