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06-08-14, 03:56 pm
Hello everyone!

I don't currently own any guinea pigs but hopefully I will as soon as I get a job. Anyways, when I do get a pair I plan on purchasing a 2x6 C&C cage from the cages store and I was wondering if a dog crate could be used as part of the stand? It's a 2'x3' dog crate and I would like to be able to still open/close the door for my puppy at night. Is there any way to make something else for the other side so it's stable or should I just buy a folding table and use that? Also, if I were to use a folding table would a 6' one work or is that too much hanging off the sides. The reason I'd prefer to use the dog crate instead of a table is because I'm so short and I think a table is taller so I can't imagine being able to reach across the entire thing to handle the piggies :o

Here's the space for my cage, where the dog crate is..and yes I know its by a window.

06-08-14, 04:19 pm
a 2x6 c&c is 28'' x 84" or 2.3' by 7'
for the stand.. how tall is the crate? for piggies, if its on the ground youre going to bending over a lot, and I find it better to be 1-2 grid length off the ground. one grid is 14" so 2 grids would be 28"
Hope this helps :D

06-08-14, 04:34 pm
I love my two grid high stand. I have spinal stenosis so the bending over was a killer even with a one grid high stand.

06-08-14, 04:40 pm
I agree. One grid high stands are not so much of bending but when you have 3 cages like that.. Oh boy lol

06-08-14, 04:41 pm
The dog crate is just shy of being 27" high and if I were to use grids it would be off by a few inches with the connectors so my cage would be uneven. Unless is there a way to make a stand without the connectors?

06-08-14, 05:02 pm
Connecters in my opinion are totally worthless. Don't take it as me being rude though lol. They break easy and I find them annoying. I prefer ZipTies. You can shape the cage in more ways than a box, and create new.
edit to add: Just make sure if you use the zip ties, to have the "q' going backwards. you'll see if you look at one. the end of the q goes backwards threw the top. Hope this helps!
Also, make sure its sturdy. I pressed firmly down on the grids that had zips on them, and if it bent to far, I added more ties for support.
If you don't want to to get rid of the dog kennel, why not take the dogs kennel length and build outward? Like ziptie a grid above the door of the kennel, outward to 7 feet. That's possibly 4-6 grids depending on how long your kennel is. Hope this sparks an/some ideas
For a firm 2x6, if you include a stand, I think it took me 300 ties. each pack of ties were less, maybe $1.50. (Don't know if youre in the UK,)I can help with building sizes as well ^^