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10-15-02, 03:57 am
I had asked that question a while ago, about the baby toys, whether they will be okay...

but also, what materials here are okay for pigs to chew on???

---Wooden toys? ..... painted? or unpainted?
---Rubber? (i.e. a rubber ducky or something maybe?) what if its painted too? (like eyes or the beak?)
---Plastic??? what kind of "plastic toys" would be okay???

I want to kinda experiment with different things, but i need to make sure what the piggies may like, and may like to chew on is safe! im also unsure about painted things..... like painted toys or something....

also, what paint can i use, that i could use on a wooden sign (like the piggies names) if i wanted to put it on the cage? i want safe paint, in case they find a way to chew on it or something....

Please let me know! im going to get baby piggies, and i want to give them loads of toys! ive had pigs before, but i got them when they were older, and they didnt care for anything.....

10-15-02, 07:50 am
They don't need or usually care for loads of toys. Loads of space with things to run around and through are good. See the Toys page on the main site for ideas. www.cavycages.com/toys.htm (http://www.cavycages.com/toys.htm)

10-15-02, 09:03 am
IF i were to use an accessory, even if it was just a decoration, what materials are okay to use???

10-16-02, 07:28 am
The toys my pigs like best are the simple ideas like cardboard rolls stuffed with hay and cardboard boxes (use plain brown ones with no staples, glue or tape on) turned upside down with little doors cut out. They also like chubes - cardboard tunnels made for small animals - which they can run through. All completely safe.

I certainly wouldn't use paint on anything you're making them - or put anything painted in the cage. It might make it look nicer to you but they won't be bothered by it and the least things like paint and chemicals you can use on anthing they have access to and will chew, the better! I don't put anything plastic or rubber in for my piggers either. Anything which they can potentially chew a bit off and possibly swallow some or make a rough edge they could injure themselves on, is best avoided.

A lot of people use wooden houses and accessories. Just avoid any treated with varnish, sealants or paint as they will chew on it. Use plain wood and don't paint anything on it.

All the best,

www.treenspigs.com/index.html (http://www.treenspigs.com/index.html)

10-16-02, 08:36 am
Okay.... Thank you very much! ^_^