View Full Version : Stuffed animals?

10-24-02, 09:29 am
We wanted to get our piggies a stuffed animal to cuddle with. Is it safe for them to chew on those stuffed animals they make for dogs? Is that the same material as a cavy cozy?

10-26-02, 07:53 pm
I think the worry with stuffed animals is that they will eat the stuffing. If I were to give my pigs a stuffed animal, I would slit it open at the seam, pull out the stuffing, and re-stuff it with bedding or hay - that way they won't hurt themselves by eating the stuffing. Also, it shouldn't have beady eyes or plastic nose - nothing that would be harmful to chew/swallow. I think I've seen the dog ones that look like fleecy stuff and are shaped like a little man - something like that would work.

My Baby Mu
08-06-04, 12:07 pm
I wouldn't let them get to the stuffing. My dog ate stuffing out of one of her toys and she became "fuzz butt" so my mom had to pull the sutffing out of het butt cause it was stuck. So it would be ok if they didn't eat the stuffing.