View Full Version : Will baby bunnies have health problems?

06-02-14, 06:05 pm

My neighbor has a boy and a girl rabbit that are housed together and they are from the same litter, (horrible I know), and they recently had babies. I was wondering if the litter will have more health problems then other rabbits.

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06-02-14, 07:41 pm
I don't know if inbreeding will cause health problems, but please urge your neighbor to get their rabbits fixed. As well as preventing litters, spaying/neutering will hugely improve the behavior of the rabbits, make litter training easier, and make them generally much better pets.

06-02-14, 08:56 pm
Maybe, maybe not. Hard to say without knowing the genetic history of the mother/sister and the father/brother.

I hope your neighbor separated the pair otherwise he should expect more babies in 30 days...

06-02-14, 09:00 pm
Inbreeding definitely has the potential to raise the risk of offspring inheriting genetic disorders, but the babies could also be perfectly healthy. I had an inbred cat the lived to 15 who was always healthy until the end. There is no way for us to know though.

06-03-14, 02:13 pm
Thank you for all the advice. My neighbors are really poor and can hardly pay their bills. They got the rabbits for free and I don't think they realized how expensive, how much work they are, and how quickly they have babies. I suggested getting them spayed and neutered, but I highly doubt they will.

06-03-14, 02:16 pm
Just out of compassion for the rabbits, maybe you should suggest that they give them up to a better home. It sounds like they aren't really able to provide rabbits with their necessary care.

06-03-14, 02:44 pm
I think I will, but I'm not sure if they would get a better home. Most of our friends don't provide the necessary care for their animals.

06-03-14, 05:21 pm
Maybe the local shelter or rescue can suggest a low cost spay and neuter option, or help cover the costs. My Mom adopted a feral kitten once and the feral cat rescue paid for 1/2 the spay fees.

06-04-14, 11:57 am
The closest shelter is in north Texas and we live southwest of Fort Worth. The shelter only recommends curtain vets and all of them are in the Dallas Fort Worth area. My neighbors will not go that far to get their rabbits spayed and neutered. They are old school Mexicans and don't believe in taking their animals to the vets. If they get sick then they just die. It is horrible, but that's what they've always done. I have told the kids about taking them to the vets to get spayed and neutered, but their parents won't take them.

06-09-14, 06:25 pm
Texas Rustlers guinea pig rescue in lewisville takes in rabbits as well.


06-10-14, 10:44 am
If nothing else, they can at least keep the males separate from the females to prevent further litters.