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05-31-14, 01:25 am
hey fellow piggy lovers! I'm the proud mama of an American shorthair named Guacamole (wish I could take credit for her name, but she was already named when I adopted her) and her companion, Tostada, that was a silky mix that recently passed away. I will be asking for some help about how to help Guac during her mourning, and my mourning as well.

maddy harper
05-31-14, 02:30 am
hi there
glad you found us
welcome to gpc
hope you like it here and decide to stay...

05-31-14, 06:35 am
hi janelle
welcome, and guacamole is an awesome name. i'd love to see pictures :)

05-31-14, 07:52 am
Hi welcome to the forum! Guacamole is such a cute name, love to see some pigtures of her! I'm sorry for your loss of Tostada, we'll be here to help with your mourning.

05-31-14, 07:57 am
Hi, welcome. :) To help Guac, getting her another buddy should help. Check your local petstore, craigslist ads, petfinder.com or guineapigzone. Adopt, don't shop! :)

05-31-14, 11:01 am
Hi and welcome to the forum! I'm sorry to hear that little Tostada passes away. Guac will need a new friend so she doesn't get depressed. I can't wait to see pigtures!

05-31-14, 04:49 pm
thanks for the welcomes everyone! this is me and my girl Guacamole.
and this was my baby Tostada

maddy harper
06-01-14, 12:27 am
what breed/colour is your pig???
[[[i'm blind so cant see picks]]]

06-01-14, 12:40 am
Guac is a brindle short hair that has a red stripe up her nose and around her shoulders, and Tostada was a silky-mix tri color that's sandy on her face, white around her shoulders, and black on her haunches

kraizy randoms
06-01-14, 11:40 pm
My thoughts were already stated on maybe getting her a new friend to attend to her social needs, I hope there's one to rescue or adopt in your area.

06-02-14, 12:35 am
so far, the adoption agency I go through has no new un-bonded females available.

06-02-14, 12:54 am
Have you considered getting a bonded pair and perhaps having a trio? Or a neutered boar?

06-02-14, 01:08 am
I also looked on pet finder, and found at least one nearish to you? I'm not sure which part of Mesa you're in (grew up in Chandler) but I think these guys are decently close?


06-02-14, 01:22 am
that's who I go through: piggy poo rescue. they said mom was unavailable and the only option at the time was randy (neutered) and mandy. I was thinking about a trio, but I'm not totally sure.

06-02-14, 07:48 am
What are your concerns with a trio? Just curious of course.

06-02-14, 12:07 pm
I worry it'll be too much work. I worry I don't have enough space (I have a 2x4 and not much more room to expand). And I worry that one of them will be left out.

06-02-14, 04:55 pm
That's fair. I have a cage approximately the size of a 2x5, which I think is about as big as I can go (or I'd definitely get more pigs!). I don't necessarily feel as if one of my girls is left out, but that could easily be different with different pigs. It is a little more time consuming in terms of lap time & grooming but everything else is pretty much the same. I've loved having such different personalities in my girls. But, sometimes those don't mesh as well, and you can end up with 3 lone pigs. =/ so it's better to do a play date (even if you only get one new piggy) so you can hopefully avoid a nasty situation at home. It does cost a little bit more in terms of veggies, but so far not enough for me to worry. Not trying to convince you, but if you find yourself in that position it is workable. I work a lot (between 10-14 hours a day) and I still have time.

06-03-14, 05:25 pm
I don't mind getting a companion for Guacamole, as she's been bonded before, I just am not sure about a trio.

06-03-14, 06:32 pm
It's hard to adopt just one, you need a taco, burrito, enchilada, salsa, empanada (okay, now I'm hungry!). Just kidding, only adopt as many as you can manage financially, space wise and time wise. I think Salsa would be a great name for Guac's new friend (hint hint, lol).

kraizy randoms
06-03-14, 06:52 pm
Lmao Rywen! Your very convincing there! Going for the chip dips eh?

06-03-14, 08:50 pm
kraizy randoms I love nachos! Nacho is another good guinea pig name.

06-03-14, 11:41 pm
aw, thanks Rywen. I was thinking Tortilla, or maybe I could find a nice neutered male named Chip. Like I said, I wish I could take credit for their names, but I don't think I'd be so clever.

maddy harper
06-05-14, 09:31 am
your choice of names is really cool!!!

06-05-14, 08:19 pm
Tortilla and Chip are both great choices!

maddy harper
06-06-14, 07:19 am
i think they are good names as well...

06-06-14, 10:05 am
those are some really cute piggies! :) and I LOVE the name suggestions, Rywen LOL it's 9am here at the moment but now I'm hungry, craving salty food (and I have oatmeal for breakfast waiting in the fridge *sigh*).

welcome to the forum, of course too! and I'm sorry you just lost one of your babies! never easy, that's for sure but it's awesome that you are already thinking about adopting another piggy, just goes to show what a wonderful piggy mom you are! :)