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05-29-14, 09:50 pm
I'm very happy after a long search I finally found some young babies who will be ready in five weeks! They are not 100% sure but they believe they have two girls and a boy. I will take either two girls or a boy and a girl because they will be altered anyways

here's their first pictures they sent me I get to visit them in 2/3 weeks and out a down payments on them. I'm defiantly taking the white/grey one and I like the brown one of the farthest left in the picture of all three.

I know I was talking to Inle_Rabbit however I have three ideas for cages so far, they will only be in when I am at work I only work part time so five hours :)

idea #1 (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=1) is a C&C but I'm not sure it could hold them up it would have wood bottom and three story.

idea #2 (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=2) http://greatk9.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/dogCrate.jpg

idea #3 (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=3) is either a custom rabbit hutch can be built or something like this http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/4FT-Cheap-Outdoor-Wooden-3-Floors_636718852/showimage.html

also if I can have some designing ideas for rabbit cages that would be very cool!

05-29-14, 09:51 pm
Is that a breeder?

05-29-14, 10:04 pm
lissie I do not believe so since I had an ad up and they contacted me. I try not to buy from breeders. It's really really hard to find Flemish rabbits and I looked for a long time for someone who doesn't breed them and these people seem very honest.

05-29-14, 10:06 pm
The fact that these are babies and you have to put money down to reserve them make me think they are breeder.

What did they tell you?

Have you consider other breeds of bunnies? There are so many bunnies in shelters.

05-29-14, 10:15 pm
Hmmm they haven't really told me I had to put money down for them but I figured I would since they are very kind and sending me updates and letting me visit them when they are older. I got email saying they had three Flemish babies they were willing to sell me they are two weeks and will not be ready for another 5 weeks and they would keep in touch with me.

I have considered other breeds but my heart seems set on the Flemish giant I had two lion heads prior and when I was doing rabbit research on them I came upon this breed and fell in love. I'm now able to open my home too more rabbits and I took a very long time to search I didn't go with any adds that have multiple bunnies or anything that looked like a breeder and since these seem to be the only babies they have I'm hoping they are not.

05-29-14, 10:27 pm
@lissie (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=11509)

oh and note I did notice when I asked for photos they didn't have any to show me they had get them for me... I don't know but to me someone who's looking to sell their bunnies fast would have an add up which they don't and pictures all ready. I don't know I'm just not getting a bad vibe from them yet. I'll ask more questions though just to be sure!

05-29-14, 10:34 pm
I would probably ask them how they ended up with babies.

stray hares
05-29-14, 10:38 pm
Flemish giants get... remarkably large. I imagine you'd need much more space than the largest of dog crates or the hutch in the last link. Have you thought about a pet pen/x-pen style cage?

05-29-14, 10:45 pm
stray hares Yep I have but it's very important that there's a lid on them because of our cats, three were street cats and have very big prey instincts. I will keep looking I'm hoping to give them free range other then when I'm working :) I'm just lacking a little space in my room because my 3 story 2 by 6 custom hutch I had built for my guinea pigs. How much space would you recommend for a Flemish? I'm defiantly willing to learn and try and give them the best space possible :) I would like something square but I can always fit a round one in the corner :)

05-29-14, 10:54 pm
It seems from what you have posted, as far as cage ideas, you're able to get a regular size rabbit unless you can make a large C&C cage. I believe from your previous post Inle_Rabbit had already given you some ideas for cage size.

05-29-14, 10:54 pm
Would something like this work? I can do 3x6

Pawesomepet must of missed it sorry I'm just trying to be a good owner :/ I always feel like I'm not. I want to give my bunnies the best life possible!

05-29-14, 10:55 pm
lissie I completely agree, the down payment is something that a breeder would require.. I've never met or heard of someone who isn't a breeder requiring a down payment.
GPMommy How old are they right now? Just asking because you said that they'll be ready in 5 weeks, and baby rabbits aren't supposed to be separated from mom until 8 weeks.
stray hares Oh yes they do! The rescue I work with has 3 flemish giants-- the smallest (and oldest) being 14lbs.

05-29-14, 11:02 pm
No problem we all want to be the best owners to our fur babies. That cage looks much more suitable for the rabbit(s) you are wanting.

05-29-14, 11:18 pm
No problem we all want to be the best owners to our fur babies. That cage looks much more suitable for the rabbit(s) you are wanting.

Thank-you I'll decently get started on it right away :)

05-30-14, 12:36 am
Pawesomepet I did some searching around and found this exercise pen it has great reviews and I think would work great for my Flemish rabbits


05-30-14, 02:47 am
Like the others have said, I'd ask how they happened to have babies as it appears to be a breeder and it wont hurt to ask.

We took in 5 feral cats...all catch wild birds, wild mice and wild rats but if they even think about the buns...Alice chases them around as she is big and not to mess with. She's an NZ White (I've also got an Angora), so isn't as big as a flemish. But I really feel that Flemish Gaints need ALOT of space....And basically should be free-range house buns.

I wouldn't feel that a 3x6 would be big enough for two flemish giants...for a normal bun I feel that a 2x6 is just big enough but then I'm one who prefers free-range buns, but saying that we've currently got one bun in the rescue who's cage is in a dog run (that is about 5x6 in c&c size) with a kennel attached.

05-30-14, 03:08 am
Sure sounds like a breeder to me. Someone rehoming an accidental litter is not going to ask for a down payment. I wouldn't do it.

05-30-14, 06:25 am
I'm only looking for a place to keep my bunnies well I am at work eventually when they are fully litter trained and older I will be giving them free-range all the time in my room since I only have a bed and dresser and my custom built guinea pig hutch.

05-30-14, 08:21 am
I don't think you will need to worry about cats and Flemish giants. Your rabbits will more than likely out weight the cats by 5+ lbs and be physically bigger.

The ad does seem like the person bred these bunnies on purpose especially since they have already sexed them and it is difficult to sex rabbits that young if you don't know what you are doing.

The largest rabbit I have had was a Californian. He was 15# and he was plenty big. I kept him in a large dog kennel only at night. He was given complete free range otherwise. I personally would not plan to cage any rabbits as large as Flemish giants and with two diffidently not.

I'd also caution on getting two so young and of different sexes. Typically rabbits are not ready to be fixed until they are 6 months old when they are considered physically mature while they reach sexual maturity around 3 months of age. With Flemish Giants and other giant rabbit breeds physical maturation doesn't happen until much later anywhere from 8 months to a year. I don't know if a vet would want to wait or what is safer in this case. You would need to speak to an exotic vet, hopefully one that has done many rabbit neuters in the past.

05-30-14, 08:36 am
Although this may be small, they have this in ALCO ( a small chain store near me ) I thought it looked quite cool!http://www.alcostores.com/habitat-n-hometm-park-avenue-small-animal-hutch.html

05-30-14, 09:48 am
I would really like to stress just how large these rabbits can get. You won't be able to make them a 'cage' per say. A potentially 20+ pound rabbit is just not going to fit comfortably in one. You're looking at putting them in their own room, with access to your entire house for the majority of the day. A dog crate would be a good 'base' of sorts, to put food dishes and hay and such, but I would never put them in anything that small for any amount of time.

05-30-14, 10:04 am
Bathrooms also work well for rabbits as a space to keep them from wreaking to much havoc while you are away. For 2 Flemish Giants you'll want the bathroom to be very large. When I was in high school I kept my 3 mini rexes in my bathroom. They had a pet store cage with hay and food. That's also where they did their business. I lost a few bath mats to them but otherwise they were comfortable during the night and school day. When I was home they had free range of my room and patio if the weather was nice.

05-30-14, 10:48 am
Because buns need hopping space, they need extra room, even the little ones. So, take in to account; a big rabbit equates to big hops, which in turn equates to more room required to hop in. Then add on the fact you'll have two, they'll need a lot of space. I wholeheartedly agree with both posts above, they should be confined to a room while you're out, not any sort of cage or pen set up.

05-30-14, 06:30 pm
Thanks for any advise I have no problem giving them full access to my room but my parents would not like them loose if I am not home to keep an eye on them. specially if they are not litter trained thank-you Inle_Rabbit I will defiently consider the gender I didnt know that! I found an awesome exotic vet about an hour and half from with many great vet's (where I take my guinea pigs) I will talk to them right away!

I'm leaning towards an open 3X6 C&C, A great dane size midwest


or getting them a 2foot wide, 5 foot long and 2 foot high three level hutch custom built with friendly ramps!


AND I stress this will ONLY be when I am at work. They need a home base and I dont see much wrong with the hutch idea?

05-31-14, 02:23 pm
I wouldn't ever keep Flemish Giants in that hutch. They get enormous, and a 2x5 foot hutch just seems tiny. That's less than the size of a 2x4 C&C cage! Out of those options, I would only even consider the 3x6 C&C, and even that seems way too small. Honestly, if I were you I'd only adopt Flemish Giants if I could give them free range all the time. Also, as many others have said, that person sounds an awful lot like a breeder.

05-31-14, 05:39 pm
I would definitely suggest an exercise pen type of set up for when they are confined. If you make use of an existing wall, an exercise pen can make a larger area. I'll try to attach an example photo. You can see more housing options at binkybunny.com There, you can see a number of large, but still inexpensive ways to make a large enough enclosure for your rabbits. Definitely worth it to take a peek at all the creative options there.

Getting fixed rabbits is ideal, but I want to second what Inle rabbit was saying about the age at which buns can and can't be fixed. It doesn't sound like yours will be fixed unless the people are waiting until the rabbits are over 8 months of age (female) before giving them to you. Until fixed, they may still need to separated before having their surgery because, with 2 girls, it is very possible that they will begin to fight once their hormones kick in. There is a period of time when hormones become increasingly active yet the rabbits are still too young to fix. It is during this time that fights can break out.

Another consideration is that not all rabbits get along. Babies usually do, but hormones change that. So regardless of whether you get 2 females, or a male/female, once they are fixed, they will need to go through a bonding process. There is always a possibility that the process will take a long time (weeks or months) or even that they simply won't accept each other. If that happens, they would have to be housed separate from each other. Hopefully that won't happen, but just wanted you to know that it could happen.65788

05-31-14, 08:19 pm
oops, double post... my computer is glitching

06-21-14, 03:48 pm
Do you have any updated pictures? I wish I could find a Flemish giant... Breeder or not I say get it. I know this for is pro adoption but Flemish giants hardly come along. I got my mini Rex from a breeder and he's the sweetest little guy ever.

06-21-14, 04:18 pm
Do you have any updated pictures? I wish I could find a Flemish giant... Breeder or not I say get it. I know this for is pro adoption but Flemish giants hardly come along. I got my mini Rex from a breeder and he's the sweetest little guy ever.

I don't know what it's like where you live, but around here there are hundreds of un-wanted bunnies....in the past 8 days 15 rabbits & 2 guinea pigs have been picked up off the street.

I would never suggest to buy from a breeder when it comes to rabbits and guinea pigs...there are so many out there in shelters and rescues or in neglectful homes.

My two current buns (I've had 6 all rescues) are both rescues....Scooby Doo (An English Angora) was picked up with 10 guinea pigs....and Alice (NZ White) was adopted from the SPCA. Where I live, Angora's are sold for $100 because there supposedly aren't many of them ..yet one was picked up in a rescue, and the SPCA where I live currently has 3 (that I know of)....just because they're harder to find, or expensive doesn't mean a breeder is the only option.

If you really want (you never need...) a specific breed, then waiting for one to come up for adoption is always worth it.

06-21-14, 04:34 pm
I do not think you should get them if they are going to be in a cage while you are working and then let out to free range in your room while you are home. I just googled, them and they are pretty common where I live, however even if I wanted one, I wouldn't get one let alone two, because of how big they get. I saw one next to a dog, and it was the same size!!! The reason why I would never get one, and do not think you should get one is because of the space you would need to give them and can't. I feel like my apartment is too small for one... my whole apartment. Considering you are just going to have them in a small area while you work and then your room when your there I do not think you should get them because that would be unfair to them. Now as I said I feel my apartment is to small for one let alone too. Maybe I just like to give my animals a lot of room... I don't know, but I wouldn't put them in anything smaller than something that was *****12 ft wide by 12ft.*** I am sure people have them in much smaller spaces than that however, I would never let my cat not have full run of the house and since these rabbits get bigger than cats... I saw two of them that were bigger than a dog, why would you even consider keeping them in anything smaller than your house.

**** Now that I think of it, I would only put one in there. Looking at my living room, as a guide I wouldn't put them in anything smaller. My living room is 15ft wide by 25ft. I know that is a lot of space, but considering these things can get as big as dogs, and you want two of them, it really isn't as big as it sounds. Again I am sure people keep several rabbits in much smaller spaces than I would, however, I would never keep a rabbit let alone two of the kind you want to get in anything smaller than 12ft by 12ft.

Ps. This is just my opinion, I don't have that much experience with rabbits. I do know though, that when my cousin lived with us, we let her rabbit have free run of our living room, and it was a really small rabbit, like half the size of my cat and my cat is only 8 pounds. Hopefully I don't offend anyone with my thoughts.