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09-01-02, 11:25 am
We're in the process of building a new c&c cage for our boys and I have a couple of questions about their feeding accessories.

Currently we are using the food bowls which clamp on to the side of the cage. Will we still be able to use these on the c&c cage? With the coroplast sides of 6" this would probably be too high to attach the bowl above that. Should we make a hold in the coroplast to put the screw through and clamp the bowls onto the coroplast. Will the coroplast hold the clamp firmly to it so the bowl won't tip?

It looks like in the photos of the c&c cages that the water bottles are hung onto the grids with the sipper tubes at the level of the top of the coroplast. Since so many of them are shown in the photos I assume that this isn't too high for the piggies to reach but just wanted some input about hanging the water bottles on the c&c cages.

09-02-02, 11:32 am
I had the same problem so I put my coroplast on the outside of the grids.... works good for me.

09-02-02, 07:20 pm
I'm thinking about maybe fastening an extra grid inside of the cage (inside of the coroplast) by using cable ties and then attaching the food bowls to that.

10-28-02, 10:47 pm
We have the coroplast on the inside -- I wouldn't want to be trying to clean in between the coroplast and the wire..makes for difficulty in getting in between it all.

For the water bottles, just use the little wire that comes with it to hang it on...

For the food bowl..no need to screw anything on...just get a low heavy duty bowl. Mine like to scoot their bowl around sometimes when they are rearranging their 'house'