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  1. Flag CraigsList Breeder Ads
  2. flag craigslist ad selling tiny aquarium as guinea pig cages
  3. Flag breeder ads
  4. Boars like to be alone!
  5. possible breeders
  6. Breeding for meat!
  7. Flag breeder ads
  8. Flag this Ad?
  9. Is this one of the ads that are prohibited?
  10. Should this be flagged?
  11. Feeders?
  12. Not a breeder but....
  13. flag breeder ad
  14. flag breeder ad
  15. Clearly a BREEDER ad!
  16. What if the website allows selling of guinea pigs?
  17. Selling feeders
  18. Housing w/ a bunny!
  19. Chicago Breeder Ad
  20. Oh.Em.Gee! Flag!!
  21. Now this is just sad
  22. Not a breeder but...
  23. Breeder, obviously
  24. Breeder alert! Flag!
  25. Breeder Christmas ad - please flag
  26. I don't even know what to say
  27. wanted for snake food
  28. Flag breeder ad
  29. Breeder
  30. Breeder
  31. Flag Christmas guinea pigs breeder ads
  32. flag this add
  33. Breeder
  34. Please flag breeder overposted ads
  35. You've got to be kidding me...
  36. Flag Please
  37. Is this allowed?
  38. baby bunnies for Christmas? sigh...
  39. guinea pig for Christmas
  40. Breeder ad!!
  41. Hedgehog Breeder
  42. Breeder. Flag!
  43. Breeder Flag
  44. Guinea Pig Operation - Craig's List
  45. Breeder?
  46. Another breeder...ugh
  47. Flag Breeder Ad
  48. *cough cough* BREEDERS!! (more than one)
  49. Breeder
  50. $35 per baby = Breeder!
  51. Specifically says "For Sale"
  52. Flag "Show Quality" Breeder Ad
  53. Babies $20 each
  54. Babies $30 each "taking orders"
  55. Craiglist ad
  56. Is this Legal?: Trading baby king snake for 2 guinea pigs!
  57. Flag Craiglist Breeder Ad
  58. Breeder wants to trade pup for hedgehog or texel....Flag
  59. Flag Craiglist Breeder Ads in Chicago
  60. Breeder trying to sell babies of babies in "colony" of guinea pigs
  61. Gotta read this to believe this......
  62. Possible (Or Probable) Breeder
  63. This is awful...
  64. Horrible cage for bunnies
  65. Breeder? Makes perfect child's gift to teach responsibility.
  66. Flag ebay breeder ad
  67. Possible Breeder
  68. Not Craigslist,.....But Please flag
  69. *Sigh* It's that time of year again...
  70. Flag breeder ad
  71. Breeder/hoarder/whatever
  72. This person breeds and sells snakes and feeder guinea pigs on craigslist
  73. Another skinny breeder popped up in the Chicago area
  74. Please Flag Skinny Pig Breeder
  75. Please flag breeder ad; now refers to himself as "owner"
  76. Can this be flagged?
  77. Breeder Please Flag
  78. Breeder Selling Breeding Pairs
  79. Bredder
  80. Flag This Breeder
  81. Possible multiple breeders
  82. FIrst time posting, can you look these over?
  83. Breeder in Texas
  84. selling rabbits as breeding stock
  85. Does this sound like a breeder?
  86. Not Sure if Breeder, but something isnt right
  87. Please flag
  88. Seems Suspicious. Opinions?
  89. Some of these might be breeders.
  90. Breeder posting daily on Craigslist
  91. Same breeder listing 4 ads
  92. Metrowest, Fl
  93. Abyssinian GP Breeder
  94. Flag breeder overposting
  95. Same breeder - posting tons of ads
  96. Owner of male pig wanting to breed?
  97. PLEASE flag this ad!!!
  98. puppy and bunny breeders
  100. Maybe we can help get these piggies a good home?
  101. Horrid conditions
  102. Not Sure What To Think of This Craigslist Ad
  103. poor guinea pigs....
  104. This person has multiple posts!
  105. You do know that the idea of this form violates
  106. this rabbit breeder posts a lot
  107. NOT funny!
  108. They may not be breeders, but..
  109. Sickening Ad
  110. A chicken with a guinea pig?
  111. This is disgusting.
  112. Poor little things :( Please flag
  113. Is Craigslist bad?
  114. breeder...please help flag
  115. Please flag!!
  116. Breeder? Or just trying to sell an unwanted litter?
  117. breeder?
  118. Please flag
  119. poor bunnies please flag
  120. Im fairly sure this is a breeder.
  121. guinea pig living with bunnies?!
  122. Flag Breeder ad
  123. plz flag im sure this is a breeder
  124. Probably a Breeder!
  125. Please flag this ad
  126. Another Facebook/Craigslist Breeder
  127. Flag This Breeder
  128. Please flag this Christmas Breeder Ad
  129. Please help flag this person (Local Ad website)
  130. Breeder
  131. Horrible rabbit & guinea pig breeder (crawling over eachother)
  132. Breeder: The more you buy the cheaper
  133. Sad, Sad, Sad
  134. So Much Wrong With This Ad
  135. Please flag
  136. I think there breeding
  137. Breeding for Fun?
  138. Is this a breeder?
  139. Clearly said they were breeders
  140. Flag this Ad
  141. Not a breeder but horrifying CL ad
  142. Please flag breeder ad
  143. Breeder Needs Flagging
  144. poor guineas :( please flag!!
  145. Really???????
  146. Another breeder...
  147. Influx of Pig Breeders?
  148. This Takes Some Brass Ones: Pet Store Advertising Baby Pigs on CL
  149. More to flag
  150. Please flag! This is sad!
  151. Please flag!
  152. Please flag!
  153. Flag (I think?)
  154. Please Flag This Bunny Breeder
  155. Rat Breeder and is CRAP!!!!!!!
  156. Please flag guinea pig breeder :(
  157. That Orlando Craigslist Spammer Again
  158. Found some
  159. Flag Easter Guinea Pig Breeder ad
  160. Breeder Selling "EXtras" for Easter
  161. breeders
  162. Please flag this breeder ( read her post!!)
  163. um disgusting!
  164. Please help flag/stop this!
  165. And Kijiji
  166. Breeder :(
  167. Rabbit Breeders
  168. Rabbit Breeder >.<
  169. very distribing in orange county ca
  170. Breeder/reseller
  171. Craigslist disgusts me.
  172. This guy again.
  173. Guinea Pig Breeder
  174. Breeder or not????!!
  175. Is it just me?
  176. Seattle possible breeder
  177. Flea market pigs
  178. Virgnia Breeders?
  179. Really Sad.. Animal Breeder
  180. Rabbit breeders
  181. Craigslist...hold my tongue?
  182. Not a Guinea Pig breeder, but please flag this!
  183. Please flag breeder ad - Wants facebook Likes......
  184. Help stop this breeder!!!
  185. omg.... Christmas breeder ad! Please flag
  186. does it get anymore obvious? please flag!
  187. Flag breeder.
  188. Two skinny pig breeders in my area
  189. How to spot breeders
  190. Breeder
  191. breeder? please flag
  192. Please help flag!
  193. Breeder, help me flag
  194. Help Flag Please!
  195. "Guinea Pig Colony" on CL
  196. bunny breeder
  197. "3 litters just in time for the holidays" *grrr*
  198. DISGUSTING! MOTHER LOAD of craigslist breeders!
  199. Are these breeders? If so, flag?
  200. Craigslist lady wants to breed :(
  201. Poor piggies at petco
  202. Lots of Craigslist Breeders who need to be flagged
  203. This isn't a breeder or even Craigslist but it's still bad
  204. what is going on in ct this just makes me want to cry
  205. Help me flag these breeders!
  206. snake food..... :(
  207. Two horrible Craig's list listings.
  208. Plethora of Alabama Breeders! Please Flag!
  209. Flag Breeder Ad
  210. Male and female guinea pigs living together.
  211. "easter bunnies or meat rabbits"...wow
  212. Possible Breeder?..
  213. Help flag the breeders!
  214. flagging a breeder
  215. Is This a Breeder? If So Please Flag.
  216. Breeder or not?
  217. This is not a rescue group...it's a breeder...plz flag!!!
  218. Please flag this is sick
  219. Breeder. Help flagging.
  220. Not a Rescue Group...BREEDER ALERT!
  221. Please help flag
  222. Are these pigs healthy????
  223. Breeder reposted on Craigslist after we flagged! Grrrr
  224. Person specifically mentions they will be breeding GPs
  225. Breeder on Gumtree, Cavies Kept in Poor Conditions
  226. Flag breeder - multiple listings
  227. How do you tell???
  228. Please flag
  229. Puppy, micro pig and monkey breeder
  230. Facebook breeder plans to start breeding teddies.... please flag
  231. Please flag bunny & guinea pig breeder
  232. Please flag. Bunny & Guinea Pig Breeder relisted ad
  233. Rabbit Breeder
  234. Please Flag this Guinea Pig Farm
  235. Flag flag
  236. Craiglist breeder?
  237. Is this a breeder?
  238. Budding Rat Breeder?
  239. Beeeders and other people who don't care
  240. Please flag dalmatian and skinny pig breeder!
  241. Rabbit Breeder?
  242. Is this a breeder?
  243. Please, please. PLEASE flag this breeder & read her response to my email.
  244. Someone looking for a female to breed with male guinea pigs - please flag
  245. Here we go again. Hobby breeder relisted... please flag!
  246. Please flag nasty craiglist ad. Caution: Foul language.
  247. Please flag. Facebook breeder looking for teddy to breed relisted
  248. I'm pretty sure this is a breeder ..
  249. Same Breeder -Let's see how quickly we can take it down again.
  250. They want to be a bunny breeder!