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  1. Nutrition Feeding a Pregnant Piggy
  2. Nutrition what veggies to feed new baby
  3. Nutrition When do babies start eating hay, pellets, veggies?
  4. Just Delivered Mama Pig had her babies!
  5. Nutrition Mom and Baby different foods?
  6. Just Delivered I'm new and my guinea pig had Babies!
  7. Possibly Pregnant Is it possible?
  8. Possibly Pregnant Maybe pregnant?
  9. Nutrition where to buy alfalfa in Uk
  10. Possibly Pregnant Unexpected Surprise?
  11. Possibly Pregnant How can I tell if she is pregnant?
  12. Just Delivered Lilith has her babies! I have questions!
  13. Signs of Pregnancy Trying to make sure that my shelter pig Lilly is not pregnant
  14. Possibly Pregnant Need advice and help
  15. Possibly Pregnant Sam could be pregnant.
  16. Possibly Pregnant Can anyone tell if this pig is pregnant?
  17. Possibly Pregnant Concerned about "pregnant" Rita
  18. Possibly Pregnant i'm new. i think my female is pregnant.
  19. Signs of Pregnancy What are the signs?
  20. Pregnant How far along?
  21. Pregnant She's pregnant agian!
  22. Possibly Pregnant previously housed with males
  23. Possibly Pregnant Is she pregnant?
  24. Newborn Pups New baby owners
  25. Just Delivered Gadget update
  26. Possibly Pregnant Roxy might be expecting
  27. Possibly Pregnant Pregnant? WITH PHOTOS
  28. Nutrition Help with nutrition for mom and baby
  29. Newborn Pups When Can you give the pup's a new home?
  30. Possibly Pregnant What are the chances she is pregnant?
  31. Signs of Pregnancy could it be?
  32. Signs of Pregnancy Her nipples are growing?
  33. Pregnant HELP, ASAP, she had a miscarrage?
  34. Signs of Pregnancy I think Ophelia could be pregnant.
  35. Signs of Pregnancy Ewww... white stuff around... down there?
  36. Possibly Pregnant Develops pear shape when laying down. Stomach touches the ground
  37. Pregnant Nipples
  38. Medical Care Pregnant Piggie Acting Weird
  39. Pregnant Can't feel babies?
  40. Just Delivered Help! Fleece + Babies = Badness
  41. Possibly Pregnant ? Pregnant?
  42. Possibly Pregnant My baby piggy is getting fat
  43. Nutrition Advice from a Web Site
  44. Pregnant just wondering..
  45. Possibly Pregnant Possibly pregnant. Questions....
  46. Newborn Pups 1 week old babies!
  47. Pregnant Ophelia is Still Pregnant
  48. Nutrition How much vitamin c do you give a pregnant GP
  49. Medical Care Pregnancy At 3 years?
  50. Medical Care Could this be blood in the cage?
  51. Pregnant agressive pregnant female
  52. Just Delivered Ophelia had her pups!
  53. Just Delivered New need advice asap please
  54. Possibly Pregnant Help! I think my new addition is pregnant!
  55. Pregnant Skittles really cranky and whiney
  56. Possibly Pregnant Could Patch be pregnant?
  57. Possibly Pregnant I think Olivia is pregnant!
  58. Newborn Pups Please Help!!!
  59. Pregnant Inka is Overdue
  60. Just Delivered Mom is rejecting her baby :(
  61. Possibly Pregnant Maybe she just has a jelly belly...
  62. Pregnant Can Mom stay on fleece?
  63. Possibly Pregnant Just a little big?
  64. Newborn Pups Health Issue with new born pup!
  65. General Weaning pups
  66. Possibly Pregnant New owner, not sure
  67. General Male Pigs mounting! Please Help
  68. General Nesting 'box'
  69. Possibly Pregnant Not sure what to do....
  70. Possibly Pregnant Not sure what to do...
  71. Just Delivered 5 pups!
  72. Just Delivered We have 1 pup!
  73. Possibly Pregnant Rescue girls (2) gaining weight????
  74. Pregnant Anyone know how far along she is?
  75. Possibly Pregnant 4 1/2 year old guinea pig might be pregnant.
  76. Newborn Pups Sexing the pups
  77. Pregnant bedding for pregnant piggy??
  78. General Quick question
  79. New to Forum Need Help
  80. General Just a Question
  81. Just Delivered 3 beautiful pups
  82. Possibly Pregnant Is Lulu Pregnant?
  83. Just Delivered 4 Pups Lost 2 **need help please**
  84. Just Delivered My Cookie just had 4 pups
  85. Newborn Pups mom refusing
  86. Pregnant My piggie is so pregnant!
  87. Possibly Pregnant Could my guinea pig be pregnant?
  88. Pregnant Pregnant Piggie - am I doing enough
  89. Newborn Pups She just delivered 3!!!
  90. Medical Care Vet Check-up for mom and babies
  91. General Did the male actually get the female?
  92. Pregnant Pregnancy Advice
  93. Pregnant Weight gain?
  94. Possibly Pregnant Is she Pregnant?
  95. Possibly Pregnant Am I too paranoid?
  96. General Seperation
  97. Just Delivered 3 pups... had no idea she was even pregnant.
  98. General Gestation period
  99. Possibly Pregnant I'm not sure...
  100. Possibly Pregnant There's a flesh in her hidey? What could it be?
  101. Pregnant Pregnant Skinny any help appreciated LONG
  102. Newborn Pups surprise baby....
  103. Possibly Pregnant How do we know if she is pregnant?
  104. Pregnant Inka is getting big bulges on the sides
  105. Pregnant Hyacinth is pregnant what do I do??
  106. Possibly Pregnant Is she pregnant?
  107. Possibly Pregnant Is it possible?
  108. Possibly Pregnant Tips to make sure she is fine
  109. Signs of Pregnancy Would you think this weight gain might mean they are pregnant?
  110. General Male Guinea Pigs
  111. Possibly Pregnant Help! Guinea pig may be pregnant?
  112. Pregnant Do I need to give my pregnant pigs extra hidey-houses or anything?
  113. Newborn Pups New mum won't nurse: HELP!!
  114. Possibly Pregnant Is Pookie pregnant?
  115. Pregnant Question about separation of pubic bones prior to birth
  116. Pregnant Pregnancy Thread.
  117. Just Delivered My tinkerbell had her pups! Sooo cute!
  118. Newborn Pups Feeding after mommy has passed away.
  119. Newborn Pups When 2 pigs have pups at the same time, will they care for each other's?
  120. Just Delivered Ms.Snowflake just had 7 babies!
  121. Possibly Pregnant Weight Gain and Pregnancy
  122. Pregnant Babies any time now!
  123. Pregnant "Boy" is pregnant!
  124. Newborn Pups Tiffany had 2 babies!!!
  125. General When to move boys out of cage?
  126. Medical Care Moo Is Pregant. I Think?
  127. Signs of Pregnancy When do piggies begin to "show"
  128. Nutrition Some questions about pups' eating habits/needs
  129. Newborn Pups can I seperate now?
  130. Possibly Pregnant worried with questions
  131. Possibly Pregnant Friend has pregnant 1 year old cavy
  132. Pregnant Bebop is pregnant....
  133. Possibly Pregnant What is the possibility that my girls are pregnant?
  134. Possibly Pregnant Possibly pregnant & cage mate has mites, help!
  135. Pregnant Olive should have babies soon!
  136. Possibly Pregnant Could she have gotten pregnant?
  137. Just Delivered Moo Had Her Babies!
  138. Possibly Pregnant Poss. inbreeding & only 1 mo. old... help!
  139. Possibly Pregnant 6 week old male and female housed together
  140. Possibly Pregnant my guinea pig might be pregnant!
  141. Possibly Pregnant Is my baby pregnant?
  142. Just Delivered My Ethel finally delivered!! Help...please?
  143. General How fast does it take for a guinea pig to get pregnant?
  144. Newborn Pups Pups at 3 days - how to introduce foods?
  145. Newborn Pups smallest of four pups needs more food?
  146. Newborn Pups Weight and Size of baby piggies?
  147. General Is cleaning the cage after giving birth allowed?
  148. Pregnant At least 70 days pregnant
  149. Signs of Pregnancy what gonna happen if my Ipin have baby ??
  150. General Guinea pig babies
  151. General Seperation Question
  152. Pregnant Oh-Mah-Gosh She's Pregnant!
  153. Pregnant Piggy unk age
  154. General when/how to separate one male baby?
  155. Possibly Pregnant Boys Got Into Girls Cage
  156. Pregnant HELP! Pregnant and Sick
  157. Just Delivered Help please
  158. General NEW and in need of HELP!
  159. Newborn Pups New Babies...PLEASE HELP
  160. Just Delivered Touching babies, okay or not?
  161. Just Delivered Need advice about separating piggies
  162. Possibly Pregnant I am so confused!
  163. Possibly Pregnant Does this sow look pregnant? (Pics included)
  164. Possibly Pregnant Can neutering fail?
  165. Pregnant Pregnant Pig Known Too Late
  166. Pregnant I am piggy-sitting and it turns out she's pregnant!
  167. Nutrition OMG! I think she is pregnant!!! What do I feed her?
  168. Pregnant My "male" is pregnant....
  169. Newborn Pups How to tell how old baby is?
  170. Possibly Pregnant Long Pregnancy... miscarriage?
  171. Possibly Pregnant Diet questions
  172. Pregnant Adding cagemates while pregnant?
  173. Pregnant She is Pregnant...when is she due?
  174. Possibly Pregnant should i go ahead and seperate my guinea pigs?
  175. Possibly Pregnant Taking to the vet for checkup!
  176. Signs of Pregnancy What are the signs of pregnancy?
  177. Pregnant Suprise, Bobba Fett Isn't a boy... Or fat.
  178. Just Delivered Helllppppppp!!! Urgent!
  179. Possibly Pregnant My son in law is an idiot!!!
  180. Pregnant Signs of impending birth?
  181. Nutrition Feeding Pregnant Piggy
  182. Possibly Pregnant HELP - young piggy might be pregnant
  183. Newborn Pups Seperate the male from the female & babies?? help!
  184. Signs of Pregnancy Possible Pregnancy: Sammy
  185. Newborn Pups How much?
  186. General Pregnant, babies????
  187. General sound and behavior
  188. Just Delivered Didn't know Lucy was pregnant. How is the male supposed to act?
  189. Pregnant Need advice
  190. Signs of Pregnancy Things to watch for
  191. Pregnant I think she pregnant?
  192. Just Delivered I have an announcment
  193. Possibly Pregnant Is she pregnant?
  194. Pregnant pregnant rescues, socialization?
  195. Pregnant Sure enough, she is pregnant, but how pregnant?
  196. Just Delivered Young mum, left with boy after birth - advice please
  197. Possibly Pregnant Do these piggies look pregnant?
  198. General Playing, popcorning and pregnancy
  199. Just Delivered stillborns unexpected pregnancy - help!
  200. Just Delivered My baby has been born!
  201. Pregnant Young pregnant guinea pig! Help!!!
  202. Signs of Pregnancy Being mean?
  203. Just Delivered The babies were born!!! I have pictures!
  204. General When does the baby boy need to be seperated?
  205. Newborn Pups How many babies can a guinea pig have?
  206. Medical Care But they are sooo fragile! Help
  207. Possibly Pregnant Is she expecting?
  208. Pregnant First Time Mother In Need Please!?!
  209. Pregnant Am I doing everything right?
  210. Just Delivered New babies!!!
  211. Just Delivered Dehlia Had Her Babies.
  212. Just Delivered 2 new babies for mom to ignore?
  213. Possibly Pregnant another store piggie situation--please help
  214. Signs of Pregnancy very young piggie pregnant
  215. General new pups and moms any info appreciated
  216. Newborn Pups Mother Piggy hiding from Babies
  217. Possibly Pregnant Could Daisy Mae be pregnant?
  218. Pregnant 1st (and only) pregnancy at 7 months.
  219. lethals
  220. Pregnant Concern of Inbreeding, need answers!
  221. General sexing baby guinea pig
  222. Newborn Pups Peanut had her pups!
  223. Newborn Pups Cutie finally had her babies!
  224. Newborn Pups First-time mommy basics?
  225. Possibly Pregnant Is this pig pregnant?
  226. Possibly Pregnant Young female rescued from being housed with brothers and father
  227. Signs of Pregnancy Adopted female living with a male
  228. Signs of Pregnancy How can I tell if my female is pregnant?
  229. Pregnant What Kind of Mixed Coat Texture will the Babies Be ?
  230. Newborn Pups Seperating the male babies from Momma
  231. Possibly Pregnant Possible pregnant guinea pig?
  232. Possibly Pregnant Cranberry juice and pregnancy care?
  233. Medical Care Post-neuter and Pregnancy Q's
  234. Pregnant Preggo Piggy
  235. Pregnant hi im new here and have a pregnant piggy
  236. General Advice for pup care
  237. Possibly Pregnant Possibly pregnant 15 week old
  238. Pregnant Miss Fatty-Pants...
  239. Pregnant I have two pregnant females
  240. General Separating pups from mama pig
  241. Possibly Pregnant Something horrible happened...
  242. Newborn Pups Baby wont nurse
  243. Newborn Pups Thankful for healthy babies
  244. Just Delivered Tear drop poop?
  245. Newborn Pups Seperating babies and need advise ASAP
  246. Pregnant signs of labor
  247. Signs of Pregnancy Is she pregnant?
  248. Newborn Pups Sooner then 21 days?
  249. Newborn Pups Olivia had her babies!!
  250. Newborn Pups Sexing pups